My take on the Nomad from "The Changeling"


Trying to be screen-accurate to a capital ship like the TOS Enterprise can be a real time-suck! So, while working on it at a glacial pace, I decided to try something more approachable and manageable - the Nomad space probe from the Original Series episode “The Changeling”.*Here are the fruits of that efforts. Now, just as a way to inform my approach to the Nomad, I’ve tried to model it with as much faithfulness to the studio prop as the references will allow. Beyond that, I’m using the broad strokes of materials to align with the studio prop (i.e., metals where metals are, and dielectrics (non-metals) where they are). As far as lighting and the like goes, I’ve not tried to be slavish to the lighting of the show, but rather take more of a physically-based rendering (PBR) approach, utilizing HDRs for a greater contrast.I hope you like. :)This first image is just the basic clay modeling, with no materials or textures added, because, for me, it’s quicker this way:* next image is where I’ve begun adding and tweaking materials: WIP image is another shot, this time from an angle we never saw on the show: is - so far - done, with the final self-lighting applied (I realize that we never saw all of Nomad’s blinking speaking KITT lights lit up this way at the same time, but I’ve put all those lights in a separate layer by themselves so that I can choose to light up some or none as I choose):, what do you think?


I recommend using the “WIP/Critique: 3D” section of this site’s forum. You may get faster responses there than here. Of course there is Also there are facebook groups that can help; “Ten Thousand Hours” and “3D modeling and animation”.


Thanks for that, Rodger. :slight_smile: