my style


well… for a while now i have been looking at other styles… manga, realism ect… and i have been trying to copy these various styles. I kinda wanted something cartoony. Well i did this without to much success and then i thought, to hell with it, i’ll just try my own style. :slight_smile: You will by now think i am a really underconfident person. But i guess i’ve just been too critical of my own work in the past. So… I just grabbed a ballpoint and paper and did a 5 minute sketch of a face. I didn’t think, just drew. I got the idea of doing this from golf, where its sometimes better i you just hit the thing.

So anyway, enough of my ramblings… Could any of you people review, suggest ideas and what ever else you all do around here. :slight_smile: Is it worth sticking with this style???


As I’ve said in another post, you should not concern yourself with style at this point. You need to go back to the basics and learn how to draw the figure. With that knowledge, it will transfer to your cartoony drawings. I recommend getting this book.

The Vilppu Drawing Manual

It’s a must have for any artist.

Don’t run until you learn how to walk…



yeah ok… :frowning: never have been one to wait… :slight_smile:


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