My Sketch&Toon doodles


I’m trying to create some useful sketchy type shaders i can use to render my objects with and here’s a couple of testrenders showing them in action :slight_smile: i’m still learning and trying to some day master S&T.

Click on the thumbnails below to view them fullres.

/ Magnus


Here’s the rest… everything didn’t fit in my first post so i had to split it up in two.

/ Magnus


Looks good. I love the Sketch & Toon module and find many of the presets very good. Most of the time I just use a preset with a slight customization. I wish S&T offered more options for shading though. I know you can create custom shaders that can simulate sketchy stuff but I’d love to be able to use the same models with realistic shaders to achieve sketch results. The S&T posterization is a good start but I’d love to be able to give the edges of colored areas more of a sketchy or brushy look.


Thanks Dave, yeap S&T is very good and also very rarely used from what i can see. Most people never really use this nice tool because everyone just wanna do photoreal stuff. Presets are fine for most things you do with S&T, even minor modifications can have a big impact on the final result, especially if you combine multiple toon materials like i done here in my tests so achieve a fullblown sketchy look and feel.

Sure it could use some more settings and a couple of more features to boost it’s flexibility even further, however i know i just started to scratch S&T’s surface now and it probably has much more to give (i hope) :slight_smile:

Btw, it renders quite fast considering the complexity of what it’s doing.

One more below…

/ Magnus


awesome stuff


Very nice (asbra) to see some fresh S&T work here.
Keep it up.
/ Alex


I agree (asbra!!) to see some S&T stuff like this!



really nice examples, Mangus!
could you explain a bit the sketch style used in the …G2.jpg?
is it an ink-pen & watercolor (combined) sketch style?
keep it up,


The top two are the best to me. They really look like pencil drawings!


therealpepe: Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Badtastic: Thanks! (tack så mycket!) :slight_smile: it’s rarely i see any S&T work at all on CGTalk and i thought it would be a good idea to show some of what it can do, although i just started using it and i don’t know all about what it can do yet, it’s still a ton of fun to work with it.

Cartesius: Thank you! :slight_smile: (tackar) there’ll be more when i learnt more about it, today i’m gonna dive into hatching and all that to see what can be done with it. Hopefully something pretty.

georgedrakakis: Thanks George :slight_smile: the look i wanted to achieve was the one where you sketch your model with a standard pencil and then use a blueish toned marker to shade it’s outlines with, a look you can sometimes see in some car or product sketches. They’re basically modified presets, some are more modified than others and some less. The blueish marker color comes from a modified version of the Pencil (rough sketch) preset. The grey strokes comes from a modified Sketch (Pop Art) modified preset. And the black thicker line comes from a standard default setting i modified, can’t remember which one now. Those hairthin lines comes from a modified sketch pencil preset. And then all 4 of these are mixed into eachother to create this look of the rendering. :slight_smile:

StanrickKubley: Thanks :slight_smile: yeap those top two turned out quite good and realistic.

One more test here with a new scene, it’s a old wintery scene with snow, a fence, mailbox. Nothing complex but rather simple models. :slight_smile: S&T and this material works well with it. And btw, there’s one lightsource in the scene to cast some blueish shadows there…

/ Magnus


tnx for the explanations Mangus!
rough sketch & Pop art shaders are my favorites too, and a good starting point for “natural looking” sketch results.
this is a link with a scene-file of my first experiments with S&T
in an early stages arch_viz project.


George: You’re welcome :slight_smile: you know… your work is something i been looking at when i started with these things, and i been trying to see if i could come close to your sketched style, especially with those crosshatched lines you have on your models. How do you get that effect ?! i haven’t been able to get anything even remotely close to your results yet.

Any insight into how you manage to get those sketchy lines on the surfaces of a model and not just along the edges would be greatly appreciated.

/ Magnus


hi Mangus,
if you download the file, you’ll see that some of the multiple sketch tags have “contour” lines enabled. play around with the settings to get the desired density (steps) and rotation.
you can even restrict the “hatching” effect using the min-max values, to certain areas of the object.
mode & position have impact on how the “hatching” is applied to the object.
for crosshatch effect, copy the sketch tag and set the opposite rotation.


Great stuff Magnus.

If you wanted to make some money, you could put together a tutorial with example scene files. I for one would gladly pay. The samples you show are exactly what a lot of us would like to use it for, but don’t have the time to play with it.

The Great thing about S&T is it’s powerful wealth of options.
The Bad thing about S&T is it’s powerful wealth of options.

I’ve been too busy to take time to learn it properly.


George: Thanks for your tips and suggestions, i’ll try to make good use of them and i will also take a look at your file to see how you did it. Those min-max values sounds like something i have to try, because i need to restrict the hatching so they won’t take over the entire surface, it should only be very little at the corners of the meshes and such places, then it’ll look good. :slight_smile: btw, my name is Magnus hehe (no worries that you spelled it wrong, that happens)

acmepixel: Thank you very much! :slight_smile: i’m glad to hear you like my creations. Good idea about putting together a tutorial with examplesfiles included, it’s something i haven’t thought about. Meanwhile… as you’re to busy to have time to create shaders like this, how about a cooperation, would that be interesting ?

/ Magnus


Your stuff looks really great Magnus.

I am producing roughly 100 animations using a quasi- sketch and toon blueprint /drafting style for a tv program. We are only able to use S&T for some of the shots as the rendering time has unfortunately limited our usage (all HD res). So we’ve worked out an alternate method using multiple passes and AE post effects that works pretty well… however we’d love to use S&T more than we are. Its good to see a thread about this stuff–its been awhile!


Hi all
I’ve also been using sketch n toon more and more.
Just moved from simple 2 to intermediate.
here’s some of my results.


it’s really very encouraging to see S&T used more and more, I’ve got this module myself and i’m ashamed to say not even scraped the surface yet of the possibilities of this wonderful module.

The only thing that does put me off though is that the render times seem to be pretty long, could anyone maybe share their rendertimes with the artwork that’s already been posted, it’d be interesting to see the render times for this artwork. Admitadly it’s about the geometry you have in the scene and/or hyperburbs etc being used aswell that will slow the times down.

The last S&T scene I used was by Studio Morocco Pencil Study, I tried this out with a current Audi Q7 i’m building and even without hypernurbs switched on and singling out only the car interior (consisting of 4 seats, 2 dashboards and a ar flooring) this still took me 20 mins to render 1 frame, and I had to stop at 3 hours with hypernurbs on.

So it would be interesting to see render times if you don’t mind :slight_smile:



The spraycan render @ 720x576 takes 3min24sec on my g5 4x2,66,not more then 1000 ram was used.(GI and AO were used)
Toonballz @ 800x600 renders in 40seconds.
Spraycan without AO and GI only takes 22 seconds to render.


Joel: Thank you very much! :slight_smile: …about 100 anims, wow that’s a massive amount. I can imagine the rendertimes makes S&T unusuable for such things, that’s very unfortunate. If it wouldn’t be for that you could create some stunning work with S&T for such things as you produce. Your current workflow sounds kinda backwards and messy to get similar results with, are all those steps really necessary ? :frowning: well let’s hope Maxon can and will improve S&T’s performance and features/functions in a future release if they see more of their users actually using their nice tool.

John: Good job! those renderings are pretty sweet looking :slight_smile:

ClassicGamer: :slight_smile: it looks like you’re not the only user who bought it but barely touched it since that day, it’s to bad but it’s still not to late! i agree about the rendertimes, they are long, especially when it comes to complex settings/shaders rendering at a high resolution. But then again there are hardly no other NPR modules i’ve seen which produces results as good as this one does. It’s a bit of a tradeoff… good results are worth waiting for and since i’m a user of both Maxwell and Fry i’m used to looooong rendertimes :smiley: by those standards S&T is fast. The rendertimes i had for my tests posted in this thread varies from around 10 minutes to 60-90 minutes per frame at 1600x1200 resolution.

/ Magnus