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hi, nice rendering style, I can sense pretty promissing thread developing here,
curious where this may go :slight_smile:
looking forward to more,


I like your sketches very much, they are some way diferent, they have mood. But you must gain your technical skils. :slight_smile:


thank you & realy am waiting for this kind of commwnt mr Viktor M

can you pls explain the technical skill which i need develop…

and my old sketchs and photo shop color works…

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I will explain with pleasure:)
Your hand didn’t act confidently. The most important are ideas and mood you have lot of them, but your touch is uncertain. I will advise you to take some pencils and sketch-block and spend 1-2 hours each day to draw nature until you feel that’s not necessary any more. I say nature because there man use more artistic and free toush “stroke”, I think this exercise will help you. Independently from drawing with tablets one artist must practise real techniques to, this will enrich him! :))


thank you very much Mr Viktor .and am already start the outdoor sketches.very soon I’ll post and you are comments make me work better thanks a lot.


new character design for television show

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