My Red Bike!, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Title: My Red Bike!
Name: Bobby Chiu
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro

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Many childern grow up with a dog in the family. I happen to be one of those people.
I had a big ol’ german sheppard named “Major” and we were best buds. Whenever I’d get grounded (which was quite often), the only time I would be allowed out was when I took Major for a walk. In my teenage years Major and I spent alot of time together.
He was a protective companion, like dogs can be. He wouldn’t let anything harm me… and no one would try.
For no other reason then because I fed him and walked him, I was his “master.” He had unconditional love and loyalty to me and would obey my every command. He was willing to lay his life down for mine and I was willing to do the same.
When I read about the theme “Master and Servant,” the relationship between a boy and his dog stuck out among the rest.
I wanted to illustrate the special bond a person has with his/her dog. Through this theme, I came up with an idea: A boy takes his dog to get his bike back from the local bully.
The twist: the dog is the biggest scariest mutant dog ever.
The setting: It takes place in the ghetto. A place that would be dangerous for even grown-ups, but beware, it’s not the gangsters or criminals you should be most frightened of - it’s a 6 year and his gigantic mutant doggie.
The senerio: The boy takes his dog to get his bike back from the neighbourhood bully. The bully is unaware of the boy and dog’s presence and is laughing while telling the story of how he took a little boy’s shiny new red bike. He’s about half a second away from realizing that that was THE DUMBEST THING he’s ever done in his life.
It’s been a pleasure.
Bobby Chiu


wow i love the idea and the painting is beautiful. The bulldog’s expression is great!
All the best with the competition.


B:thumbsup: BBy, B:thumbsup: BBY… This r:buttrock: cks.

:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: Stars from me. Good luck in the challenge.

peace, pete


Great work - Front page material!
Five stars from me, for the expression of the dog alone…


crazy picture man. I love it!


Very nice brings a smile to my face:)


Hey Bobby, great work! This is one of my favorite pieces from this contest. I have a dog as well and I can definitely relate to the relationship that u had :slight_smile:

I really Like the composition of this piece as well as the expressions that the figures in the scene have.

Looking forward to your next piece :thumbsup:


kicks major a$$ ,the coolest entry in master an servant :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


great image!!

i really like the expression of the boys face :slight_smile:


I luv this image. It reminds me of the hood. I wish I had a dog that big! Congrats and hope to see you win in the contest…holla!:thumbsup:


Hi Bobby,
Your character designs are so funny, unique and awesome as usual.

But the thing that I like the most about your piece is the creativity! Your concept is one of my favorite. So much character.

I really like the relationships between the characters… it’s something that anyone can relate to, especially dog owners.

Congrats on another great piece… i think this one’s my favorite out of all your work. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I don’t think a lot of people saw this one, compared to other entries in the contest so I’m glad you put it in the final 2d art section



Hahaha awesome… it made laugh out loud. :slight_smile:


HAHAHAHA… that dude is about to totally drop a log when he sees what’s behind him. I love this piece. Love the characters. Very well done and great idea!

5 stars from me… :buttrock:


Excellent work digital_bobert! :smiley:

Love the idea, characters and lighting too! Only thing that kind of bothers me is the buildings and sky in the background look a little flat compared to the rest. But, overall a fantastic piece! :thumbsup:


Awesome!! ***** from me
Definitely one of the best 2D M&S pics!!

Good luck to you


hahaha! this is so cute and funny! :thumbsup:

awesome work! good luck!


killer, I love it.


I hope I told you how much I liked this when I first saw it. I like it even better now, because I just realized the dog’s chin is casting a shadow on the bully’s shoulder and neck! That means bowser’s lower lip is almost touching the guy’s head!


I love this piece - it just gets better and better, with each viewing.

Your gifts in creating great graphics is remarkable, your gifts as a storyteller are utterly breathtaking!



I remember seeing this when looking through the master and servant entries…

Its a great concept, executed extremely well - i’m glad you kept working, took it to the next leve, and refined it to this point - the end result is great.

Keep up the great work.