My old buddie, Quentin Mirioni (3D)


Title: My old buddie
Name: Quentin Mirioni
Country: Belgium
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is my old iPod Mini (2005 :p)
I did the model few months ago but I decided to rework it and to make a render which could be used in advert for example.

I tried to keep the scene and the colors super simple
(green of the ipod vs warm orange from the lights).
Modeled in 3ds max, rendered in Vray and tiny contrast adjustment in Photoshop.

Hope you enjoy it.

Any comment,critique,opinion,suggestion is appreciated :wink:


everything is cool but why did you just put ipod like that? I think it could be better angle to show producktion:) But the colors and lightnig is perfect! :buttrock:


nice light man

what model is this?:)) looks like iPod mini but it supposed to be with monochrom dosplay:)


gokalpgonen> I just tried to get something which is not boring. and where I could get nice shadows, volume and reflections at the same time so that’s why. Thanks for you comment :wink:

kvakin> Ok you got me héhé. Thats the ipod mini so yes its supposed to be a monochrome display. But my goal wasn’t to achieve something super realistic and the color display was way more beautiful. thank you for the comment ;>


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