My not so real reel


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So I’m finishing up my first character animation class and I thought I’d put together a reel of some of the assignments I did this quarter. I still have two years till I graduate so I’m guessing most of these animations won’t end up in my real reel. But I thought I’d get some feedback on what I’ve done so far. And I thought it might be fun to make a mock reel. Here’s the link:

Not so real reel

Watch out for the audio at the end (not quite sure what happend there).


not bad for a first animaion class, but some segments did seem alittle linear. I think those animations could use some loosening up. But it was only your first animation class and so your work is not bad. keep going


Thanks for the reply! I agree that a lot of the stuff is a bit linear and stagnant. I don’t know if I should loosen those up or just keep going and leave those behind.

Thanks again,


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im a very philosophical person lol, in other words i think you should never leave a project untill its full completion. If i were you, i would just fix it because you cant rush art. If theres a deadline then work fast but precise.


Here is a little update one quarter later. Still not a real reel, but something to look at. Count down to graduation… just under two years.

Not so real reel #2

I’ll thank you for any C&C.


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