My Nissan 350's tutorial


you have the best timing in the world!!! i was just looking for a tut for this very car! so far so good. i will prolly be posting along the process so i can see if im doin it right. thanks so much. :bounce:


Im doing ur tutorial atm but im stuck at step 10-13 :expressionless: i just cant get it done :expressionless:

does someone have a clear picture (or file) how it is supposed to be done ???


Bravo!!!Excellent tutorial!


i realy need this i’ve search all the web for car modeling


Thanks for your tutorials


i know i’m gonna sound like the total noob here, but where do i get the blueprints? the only ones i’ve found were all the views in one image file and i have no clue how to cut them up correctly (any ps tutorials?)
and once i have the files, how do i align them correctly in maya? calculating the aspect ratio of the images, creating equal planes and then aligning them via gridsnap would be my first idea, is that how you do it?


Hi could someone plz upload the pdf’s the previous links are all dead. Thanks.


I’ve updated the links. :slight_smile:

And for blueprints:


Thank you very much, I needed a tutorial like this!


Just d/w the 5 pdfs & the
blueprint - LINK

Great Work
Gonna start Modeling right now

Please could make a Rendering tutorial ?

your BMW renders look so real :eek:
(If you hadn’t posted the shaded pics,
would have said u got the pics from somewhere :slight_smile: )


thank you very much for your kind sharing of your lovely car modeling technique. I do learn a lot from you. Thanks dude. YOU ROCK :thumbsup:


thank you for this tutorial, it will be very helpful!


Waw! extremely detailed and very easy to integrate in max as well… more more! :wink: please PM me or add me to msn when you have made new tutorials


So, when can we see a nice render from you, like your Z4?

I’m assuming you’ll use Mental Ray right?

Thank-you for the tutorial, I might take a stab at it myself.



I know this was alot of work. I was working on a model of this car in Lightwave with spline patching. The transition from the headlight indentations to the front bumper was giving me trouble. I’m looking foward to seeing someone elses way of going about it. Thankyou again.


great! i always admired ur modeling skills!

i cant get the links to work. your website is down as well at least for me.

thanks anyway, i cant Wait to have a look.:thumbsup:


Yep, I can’t get them to download either…


Sorry guys, I’m changing my server/domain. I’ll upload tutorial when I’ll be at home. :slight_smile:


Sorry for being late. I’ve updated links in my first post, let me know if you have some trouble. :slight_smile:


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