My Nissan 350's tutorial


Hi guys :slight_smile:

I've finished my tutorial about modeling Nissan 350Z. I've split it in 5 parts because it was too long, and I also made it in PDF 'cause it more usefull.
Here you are all 5 parts in italian/english languages (special thanks to Jhavna andPsychoSilence who helped me to translate them :) ).

Updated links:[/b]


:thumbsup: thanks Dias, i’m giving it a try after i’m done with a character tutorial, not to mention that’s also one of my favorite cars!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile:



looks like a great tut
when ever i see this can in the street i feel that she soo wants to be modeled

too bad im not italian :frowning:
i’ll flow the pics for now :thumbsup:

i soo wanna go to italy btw


I’m very happy that you like it. :slight_smile:

If you need some info about some step, tell me.


That’s gonna be a killer Tut, if you get it into english! :applause:

Wish that was around a month ago when I was doing my Evo 8. :thumbsup:



I’ll try to transate it as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


It’s big Effort man…

But the text Language is not understandable to me
if U could translate it to english as soon as posible that 'll be too nice …

… bye bye…


Hey Great Tutorial !!

In Italy we say: Perfetto Bombastico :thumbsup: !!!

Did I mention my italian knowledge and the free time I have ?
Dias, are You interested in some translation support ?
Maybe also in German ?

Mille Saluti,
Antonio aka webster


Tutorial is very nice! I would like to translate it to Russian, once there’s an English version %)


Thanks for this tutorial Dias… I like it very much

Guys, you can use this for translation:

And we wait until the original translation. :slight_smile:


Very cool !!
I love it!:bounce:


very nice,

will give it a try


Hi guys

I’m very glad that you like it because I’ve spent something like a week for making it.

Yes, it would be very nice if you translate it in some other languages such as german or russian (I have to translate it in english, I know).


Dias: I loved you tutorial. I want to aks you about somehting. Please, can you write a little something here in this thread about working with the linear and exponential smooth method tool in Maya?


Great post

Dias you musta have worked like a gorilla to make this.



why translate it? it works just like it is. If there is a word we cant understand, we can babblefish it. The tools seem to be listed and there are LITERALLY step by step pictures.

I think your time would be better spent creating another tutorial of the same quality.

good job-and nice avatar!


Lol, gorilla. :cool:

I’ve changed the link in my first message, now you can find my tutorial on my site:

I’ve suddivided tutorial in 10 pages insteed of 7 because it is very long. :slight_smile:


nice one ! can´t wait to have it in english ! it would be gorgoues, if you would translate it please.



So… ehm… What about translation? %)