My new sketchbook


Hello, I’m a graphic design student practising digital painting all my free time. I’d like to have some good critique on my works.

I find starting a sketchbook relatively scary. But here it goes.

Some more work can be seen in my dA-gallery

Here’s a portrait of my friend I did yesterday. Took something like 30 minutes, and cleanup afterwards.

And here’s a recent quick sketch without reference:


And here’s some more.

This is from Seitsemän Veljestä (Seven brothers), a finnish classic novel. These guys accidentally burn their house and have to escape through forests without even proper clothes. And there are wolves in the forest.

Any comments?


Very cool Work Pontso

I like it :smiley:

I waiting more works, Keep up :thumbsup:


these are awesome sketches.
I really like the portrait of your friend and the finnish classic novel piece. Specially the latter, the trees are stunning


Hi. Thank you both.:smiley:

First some three minute lifedrawings:

And this was one hour, not counting breaks.

Now this is something I would like some comments on. I’m not entirely happy with it but I don’t know how to improve it either. It’s not supposed to be any more detailed, I would call it done but there’s something I don’t like. Composition, maybe?

This is illustration for a friend’s roleplaying game. Main focus is the environment, snake-creatures are in the picture just because they live there, there are more images of those so they don’t have to be clearly visible here or anything.


Hi, some more pictures… Comments and critique welcome!

This is Yasuo, he is a pretty boy, but people fail to see it because he has a very ugly scar on the other side of his face and a strange taste in make up. But here I made him look very pretty anyways. Character belongs to Nekotsume (

Something else:

And 66 min lifedrawing:


Excellent work here! I really like your piece with the lady holding an umbrella. The lighting and graphical interpretation of nature is really cool.

Are you doing those life-drawings on a laptop or something, or is it traditional media and your scanning them?

As far as your request for input on image, “tessa_2_2_60min.jpg”:
I think working on the background and the foreground could greatly improve the image. The figure looks finished, but everything else doesn’t. So you’d have to refine the rest of the image to the same level of “finish” and with a complementing style. That could have a dramatic effect on the composition. Just an idea. Hope that helps.


Thank you FRENZIEDmind. I did these lifedrawings with Photoshop CS4 on a Macbook. Sometimes I work with ink or charcoal but I haven’t scanned those.

And I see what you mean about the lack of back- and foreground in that image. I’ll pay more attention to that in my future work.


Hi everyone, it’s time for me to be alive again. School’s almost over so I have time to do personal stuff again.

Every single yellow thing I found from my apartment, and a golden spoon. Gold sure did not look yellow in the middle of all this.

Theme was “Livingroom” and since there is some 60 people doing this, everyone will be totally bored of livingrooms and I tried to do something else. Do you people see a story in this?

Two one hour portraits I made yesterday in Kemi comic festival:

Now that I have free time I’m going to finish several personal pieces and do more and start updating every week again.

Comments very welcome. :slight_smile:



And then a random Naruto-fanart. There was a challenge to draw a lineart and color it with three different media, this was the best of the three (and Photoshop). I seriously need to work on my traditional painting skills.


Might be the time to update this.

Photoshop 6

Open Canvas (a friend of mine kept saying that OC makes better lines than Photoshop, which I found true and it’s now one of my favourite programs for lines and b&w work)

Photoshop 6

Photoshop CS4.

Open canvas and watercolour, for an exhibition I hae with some friends in Helsinki, Finland

Aand what else I have been doing is that I’ve been learning Maya. Long way to go still…

There. :slight_smile:


A little update. Oh how I wish I could change the name of this thread to something more intresting.

It was a pig

And this an easter card I did with my friend Raakel. Her characters dressed up as kids do in Finland in easter, and then they go around the neighborhood trading decorated sticks for candy.


You have some nice work here :slight_smile:
I really like the guy in the tree whit the ravens.

As for livingroom, I’m guessing they are playing that they are in a livingroom. She’s playing TV, and he’s the watcher. Was this for school? If so, did your teacher accept it?


Hi and thank you.

Yes, it was for school and they did accept it and offered some critique on colours and composition. I made some changes and this one is the new version.


Awesome work mate, keep it up they just keep getting better.

Ive added you to my deviant account, Im goodbloke85 on there too.


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