My new image - Hotel Parliament


I made a new image in Cinema 4D. It took me only a week to make it and a lot of post processing was needed on the final render.

This 3D image is made after a photo from a real hotel with the same name.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome!

The image was rendered in network with 2 computers using a special technique developed by the ROBO Design team. Total time to render 2 hours.

P.S. Thanks to Sad who helped me with the radiosity settings ;). Thanks!

Also thanks to Emilian Moga, for that beautiful photo on the wall :).


Very nice! The lighting is excellent, and I really like the leather material. Only criticism is that you might expect to see a little reflection on the floor–but maybe not too.


nice maybe the soft focus/glow is a bit too much but quite nice. I agree with adam on the floor its quite undefined right now.


If you decide to add some subtle reflection to the floor use the distance falloff plugin (dloadable at plugincafe) and add some noisy bump as well. Good job.

ps what’s this special technique you’re talking about?


don’t like the ikea tacky style picture on the wall…ruins the scene imho…cheapens…less…chic or modern. that said this isn’t an interior design forum! heh heh…and i know anything about interior design…and just as much cinema! .i like it got a good result as adamt mentions on the lighting…would also have liked to see a folded newspaper maybe on the sofa…or where the magazines are…but these are all stylistic and not relevant really…my bad.

cool image…good work…keep it up…and ignore my crit…
:banghead: :banghead:
MORE COFFEE…room service…:buttrock:


Nice picture. The lighting is great. I agree with flingster
about the picture on the wall. Some modern art would fit
better. Is this carpeting on the floor? If so it needs a bit
more fabric structure.

top job, keep it up



The render technique we used for this image is developed by us specially for our needs.

Radiosity scenes usually take a lot of time to render on a single computer and we had to develop a technique which allows us to render a single image in network using the Cinema 4D Net Renderer - a very fine application.

This technique evolved from the basic principles and today it got a lot better, automated and easier to use. This is why we decided that we will make it soon available as a product on our site:

We do not guarantee that this technique will be “awesome” or useful for any of you. We just developed it for our needs and we think that some of you will find this technique very good.

It works with radiosity, caustics and particles - hopefully other special effects. We did not test the technique with post processing effects.

The way you handle radiosity, caustics and particles is the same as handling these effects when you render an animation in network. Basicly, you have to bake the particles before and save the GI solution for radiosity and caustics.

Note: this technique is NOT a plugin for Cinema 4D and it is not a stand-alone application hacking Cinema 4D :). This is only an auxiliar PHP web application which will be available at

We do not know when we will release this product - we do not have too much time to work on it.

It will be released with a tutorial/documentation.

P.S. Questions are welcome :).


do you mean bucket rendering?
divided the single image up then render to different render nodes on network?


My PHP application will generate an AVI file to be used as a texture on a plane, which is directly positioned in the front of your camera.

Positioning the plane won’t be hard! Our PHP application will calculate the coordonates of the plane according to your image.

The AVI contains only a rectangle of a given size (you can configure it) moving across the screen.

You will have to configure the texture in C4D to be transparent where that tile/rectangle is.

Each frame contains one tile.

Your plane will also have some render tags which will ensure that the plane won’t interfere with your render.

As you can see, we actually create an animation to be rendered in Cinema 4D Net Renderer.

The scene will also have to be configured to save the animation as separate files (high-quality) PNG, BMP or TIFF. These files are going to be used for combining the final image with our PHP application.

This is why we say we don’t trick C4D Net Renderer.

All the process of generation of infinite number of tiles is automated. Also, the combination of the rendered images into one single image is automated.

This has proven to be very useful to us. We are not sure about the succes of this technique :).


now thats creative…heh heh…sounds great.
make sure you keep us informed about your developments.


Yes, it is creative and very easy to use.

Sadly we are having server problems.

Anyone with good connection and server? :slight_smile:


you´re welcome. i allways help people if i can.
the rendering turned out very well!:thumbsup:


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