My new Demo Reel


Hi this is my new Demo Reel please let me know if you guys like it or not thanks
if you guys have tips on how to improve it that would be good.
i’m sorry if it’s a large size i’m not to sure about what is the best compresion Demo Here !!! Web site here


Hello, I get a “file does not exist” on the AVI as well as the MOV. :shrug:


  • Jonas


the webpage is really well done
perhaps the logo “shalom 3D” has too much artifacts, it should perhaps look dirty but it appears pixely.

the demoreel doesnt download we me neither


For compression, DivX or Quicktime Sorenson 3 are very good.

Just make sure you also compress the sound (or turn it off completely), or you’ll have a compressed picture, with uncompressed CD quality sound pulling the file size up. :slight_smile:


  • Jonas


hi thanks for the tips
sorry about the avi and mov i’m fix the problem now
on my computer it the file seems to be there now i’m doing test so on other computers you can get it

jussing i tryed the divx and the quick time Sorenson 3 but the divx the image is not the best
and i don’t know how to compress just the sound .at the end i thing it’s still heavy bit

mimo8 the “shalom 3D” is made in photoshop ,i work on the logo along time ago so i just used it now for my website i thing i’m going to do what you said to make it go with the backround
thanks guys


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