My never ending "Clerky"


Hi All,
I’m working forever on this guy, Love to get critics on him.
I’ve been staring at him for so long, that he is itched to my retina,
and I don’t think that I can judge him objectively…
I’m going to rig him next.


he looks great to me, but the muscles on the abdomen should be pulled a bit backwards i think. like this it kinda looks like he as a fat tummy instead of a six pack. (unless that’s what you want to accomplish off course)


Looks pretty cool to me.

As for the critic: The corner of the mouth needs some work, as well as the eye sockes (the bony part)



Thanks, I agree, his 6pack looks like a fat tummy.
I’ll fix the mouth and the belly.
About the eye, you mean that I should emphasize the bone a bit more? (the socket itself?)
Thanks a lot.


What do you think?

I’ve modified the mouth, eye region and belly.


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