My Modo WIP Topic


Hello guys,

I’m a Modo newbie. I want to share my works in progress. Currently working on a mech by following a tutorial - but trying not to follow exactly. Trying to apply the things I’ve learned so far and interpret the modeling.

Started from modeling the foot parts and going up to legs.

Front of the foot.

Legs and other fancy parts to connect them to the body.

Back side of the finished parts.

Here’s the cockpit of the mech.

And backside of the cockpit. There’ll some glass parts.



This is a good beginning. What tutorial are you following?

Keep us up to date on your progress with this.



Hello David,

Thank you for your support and interest.

I’m pretty new on Modo - hope I can start to use it on my own projects after getting used to it. That great tutorial made by a guy named Apple Soldier that’s his youtube channel also there’s his blog

Lots of great tutorials and they are free.


That’s my Minimodorobo. I’m on the modeling of the head part, hope to finish it soon.


Some updates on my little robot. Hope you like it, comments and suggestions are welcome…

For the sake of the composition he needed a jet-pack and I modeled a ridiculously powerful and big one :smiley: But I think he’ll need it to follow the angel…


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