My model freezed just as in 3d max freeze option


I was trying to dicover hotkeys. After hitting some buttons my model freezed just as in 3d max freeze option. even in edit mode i can’t make any changes to the model. How can i make it editable again?


Look here:



thanks but my problem is different(i guess). Even i put the model from tools menuto the scane, i can’t edit it. also in the tools menu it seems to be frozen.


What system you have? how much ram?..


im using a toshiba laptop with celeron m 1500 with 512 mb ram :slight_smile: but i guess that is not the problem beause the color of the object also changed (like having a gray fallof texture)


Sometimes my model freezes when I’m editing and I use the Shift-Alt combo to bring it back to life again. Try holding Shift-Alt and then let go of the ALT and maybe your model will jump into zoom in-out mode.
This happens to me a lot!

Upham :slight_smile:


thanks, i will try that :slight_smile:


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