my mesh gets bumpy with subdivision levels


so, i’ve imported a mesh and this is what it looks like

looks nice, the thing is that i need to add subdivion levels because the point is to create wrinckles and texture so i can grab the normal maps, displacement and ambient… but once i start adding levels it gets all bumpy with smooth tool like this just by adding one level:

okay and if i add one more::

and look what it does once i try to smooth it out:

i get the best result with sculpting tools on lv4 or 5 but once i do that it gets even more bumpy and if i don’t subdivide it every singe tool i use will make even worst bumps on my mesh!! this is driving me crazy because if i let the bumpyness there once i’ve extract the maps they will show and they will reflect on my bakes… and that’s a no no!

does this happens because once I imported my mesh it is on a high resolusion yet? but to grab the maps i need a souce and a target and can those be the same level?
please help i don’t know what more to do!


not sure i really have a solution for you… but at first glance the model your using has edges crossing through each face. normally mudbox uses and creates models without that.