My matte attempt


Well I’m tired of rediculus rendering times so I decided to do some camera projections. I dont think this is exactly a “matte” painting, its prolly more of a texture projection cheat.

The sky is still in wip and its so hard to paint. I’m default projecting it on to the sphere. SO i’m trying to paint in and compinsate for the distortion cause I want the cloud composition like a halo. Like what was done in final fantasy. SHould I just paint on this and camera project it back on??

I will update on this project as I complete it through the week.
Let me know what you guys think.




This is a wip. I gotta compinsate for the underside of the clouds. Its hard to paint the distortion. Int the original picture. + I gotta define the direction of the light better.



This piece is looking very nice so far!

Maybe some of the murals are a bit too saturated… But I don’t know, if this painting shows 4000 years old temples or temples 4000 years ago:D. If this is meant to be painting from 2000 BC in Egypt, then it is probably just OK.

How is it supposed to look when done?

The sky looks good…
Maybe have a look HERE. - there is a lot of nice skies for download!

Btw. what is the scene setup? Compositing tags and so on…
I mean, weather you are using Compositing Background on the temple object or not…
It seems you are not and that’s why I am curious, because not using it tends to make weird artefacts on the object because of the lights probably. And yours looks OK.

Keep it up! Looking forward to see the progress!:thumbsup:


Hey thx for the comments Kutkin, yea this temple is being shot as if its fresh.
IU’m not sure what u mean by compositing tags. But this is on its own layer. Camera maped back on to the geometry shown in the first pic. It will be in its own render pass. And I will have a bg composited in behind. Trees and mountains and shizzy.

Thanks for that link. Its perfect exactly what I need to finish my sky.


awsome sky- very insperational.


Ooops! I forgot, we aren’t on Cinema forum here:D.
So never mind.
Forget about that Compositing tags things…

That reminds me a question…
What app are you using for this?



I agree this is looking really nice, perhaps your missing some sun shadows, some of the textures look sharper than others, try to add a little blurry effect so you dont have that sharp detail, the sky is a little weird to me if you are talking about camera lense,you model has a different lense and the sky looks like having a fish eye or something, maybe you want that effect but is too fantasy style for my taste, it all depends how it looks composited



Nice image. It has a very powerful feel aboutit. The only thing I might change is the POV. I would show a bit more of the ground and possibly not look straight on.

Could you give me some insight into how you projected the image onto the model? Did you use an alpha map?

It’s nice to see someone is from my corner of the planet. I live in Calgary.

Keep up the Good work!


I’ll be watching this thread. . . (no I can’t matte paint, but maybe someday!)

I used to live in Red Deer–does that count?


TY for the feedback peeps!

KutKin- I use max and photoshop. I like max because of the per pixel camera map. I can use multiple Camera maps on one object and blend them together. I really really like it. I heard C4D is pretty kickass for camera mapping aswell. I like c4d dont use it as much as I used to. Tp and Xpresso baby! :smiley:

jamesvfx- Ah hey man, thx for stopping buy. I agree with the sharpness of the shadows. I don’t think I’m going to mess with them right now tho. I am useing an area light. Maybe to small. But they do need to be fixed. As for the sky I did want it to be a fantasy like sky and have the wrapped(fisheye) effect for composition. It was an artistic choice. I would like for my skyy to be a bit better but ug I’m outta time arg! I’m gonna touch it up eventually.

Paint Guy- Coinidentaly when I was working I discovered a way better cammera shot for this. It was looking up at the ground. I will previz one later to show u what I mean. Yea Calgary rules. :smiley:

dbates- Thanks man, you wouldn’t have happened to gone to the Thurber Animation Program have u?

Well thanks for your input guys.
Here is a update on the final project and a download link. I’m gonna go post this in the animation forum now :smiley:

83 hours of work, 38 hours of total render time(max,fusion and premire times combined). 2 mins and 38 seconds/frame comig outta max( I am so proud of that low time btw 1.8 million polys, 1 area light, hdri and gi, every material has blury reflections). 8.68s/f coming out of fusion).

And here is a Divx animation

Thanks guys. Looking forward to the feedback


can you pretty please post a quicktime or .wmv or some other format :-). I really want to see your animation, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get it to play in anything at all, I used about 4 different players as well.

You have a very beautiful look to that last render, I don’t usually see anything with that kind of painterly quality to it.



I’ll try my best man, I’m not a codec man myself so I will see what I can do.
Ty for your nice comments.


Hey here is another version


this is a great moody scene, I really liked the sun ray beams but I think those palms are too cloned, and the color may be a little strange, I guess you are using the default tree objects from 3dsmax why don’t you try some real 2d palm texttures this could help in some of the distant palms and in the foreground try changing the seed more so they don’t look cloned, I suggest a green ,leaf kind texture for them, and a more displaced texture for their trunks

overall it is a great animation and matta pinting use


Ty james- Yea those default max trees where brutalness. When I touch this up I’m modeling my own tress and gonna texture them better. I want to do this scene over with displacement mapping.


Hi depleteD
The shot is looking very nice!

I only can see there few issues:
The sun beams are a bit weird while they are not changing by moving of camera…
Also i can see there some AntiAliasing grain on the hieroglyphs but it is very likely only a compression artifact…

And from about 23s of the anim there is some very weird camera move…
Maybe it is transition, but it seems to follow camera move, but it is rotating very oddly.

But the whole shot has its atmosphere and looks like a hot egypt

And for the trees, you probably know how to do they using alpha channel on the leaf and branches, but anyway, here is a tip

And have a look at The Making Of on the RustBoy website

Keep it up




I don’t understand how you mapped the cloud. Could you go into more detail on how you made that sky map to a sphere. every time I try and wrap a cloud like that to a sphere it wraps completely around the sphere, but your clouds don’t. Did you map the cloud on a flat plane?


Kutkin- Yea man, those rays are done in post with gen arts saphire, so they take the information from the cloud background hilights to generate the rays. SO they are faked. I could prolly make it a bit better with animateing the shimmer we will see. As for that camera move, its cause the parallax aren’t lined up. I really dont know how to fix that. Prolly just gotta choose diff cinematography. Yea those trees are max default. Honestly a last resort. Thx for those links. Rustboy rules.

Paint Guy- I just mapped them on a default sphere. There really isn’t much to explain. Just think of textureing a sphere. The sphere is unwraped as if it is a plane. ALl the uvs are flat. U dig?

Thanks guys.


Nope. . . sorry. . . I was eight or nine when I lived up north. :slight_smile:


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