My love in bed(nudity)


.OOoo… very good! A masterpiece!


Very nice feeling over all.

Just curious, how did you do the hair? Its seem very real to me. Nice job nonetheless.



nice work.

I don’t see any nudity though.




Well. You have gift from God. Nice work, and wery good light! Can You send on board shot scene with lights? How many light You use, and You have any advice about lighting? What receive this effect like this?




I’m writting a little tutorial/oveview about this work so it will be online aprox. one week later. There are 2 rectangle lights. Key light from left a and 0.1 fill light from back-right and 0.6 of skylight… In the tutorial there will be much more about lighting.


She is very pretty. Congratualtions. I like it a lot .



This is will be great! I will waiting for Your tut! And thx for answer.




Really wow! So why is she sitting in bed looking at the wall?:shrug:


Very nice. I alreasy started dreaming if I am underneath her. :deal:


thats awesome!


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