My love in bed(nudity)


wow. thats some sexy pic. :applause:

anyways just some comments here. from this POV, shouldnt the arms of her partner or part of which be visisble?


The mix of soft curves from her body, the position, the fact that it hides so much when at first it feels as though it reveals too much. The Analogous composition of hues, and the piercing lighting, make the picture seem really raw. It’s a beautiful piece of as–err, I mean, work ehem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
breath a deep sigh of satisfaction star, you deserve it.



Professionally speakin’ - it looks like kitschy airbrush works A.D. 1985! ew :stuck_out_tongue:




Wow nice lighting modeling texturing and everything! I really like it. 2 thumbs up.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


great job it looks so real :thumbsup: awsome i still want the camera flipped over like 180* lol


That is killer man, looks absolutely great.


realy fantastic !!!:thumbsup:
The light is very good!!!


Thats a very nice image. All around good lighting modeling teturing rendering finishing concept composition. No crits as of yet. Just beaughtiful, especialy the hair. Like a painting as previously mentioned.


Whoa thats awesome. Great Work.


this is probably one of my favorite images in a LONG time, the mood is captured perfectly


Ace! Like someone else said, I thought it was 2D as well. Well done!


amazing work …


o my GOD!!!
U are so cool!!!
i like it!


not proffesionally speaking - don’t you think it looks pretty good kitschy airbrush work A.D 1985!
YAY :smiley:



I don’t hope you meant this sarcastic, that way I’d be embarased hahahah :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice work. I especially like that the added hair you used photoshop to create with seems so integrated with the rest of the image.


Thnx to you all! I was off just for 2 days and when I returned I found THIS… very special thanks, guys.


Yea! OK! I don’t like that depth of field and those lamps! ewrg! :drool:

and what about shag fur plugin? how does it work with 6?

sh sh sh shake it bab!

is it stable on ur system? have u heard bout max7?



Great work! Nice atmosphere, soft and very romantic! and at the same time sensual!


absolutely GREAT!!!


Wow and Wow and Wow, really great wrok as always Denko :thumbsup:
Keep up the great work!