My love in bed(nudity)


A realy realy realy great job here! :thumbsup: The whole picture is beautiful, it has the soft and sexual mood, i like it! Again, realy good job!


Lighting is just perfect, only thing that bothers me is the model of girl, not completely photorealistic, and some parts are not correct, her arms look weird, her butt, and some really small things, but really i am just a nitpicker, i love your picture…:thumbsup:


you can feel there is a leg (left one) under the sheets, but the right leg there is no sence of it.
Also is she posing for you, by you taking the picture from her back, or you are in the scene as well.

If she is alone, again adjustment to where her legs are has to be made under the sheets.


Very great job! It is very real enough!


Looks great! Nice lighting!..However, i do think that the model looks too symetrical especially near the upper spine/shoulder blade area. Otherwise, 3D flawless.

Keep it up!:thumbsup:



Awesome work.


Great work, man.
What I find very interesting is that you max guys have less problems in makink a nice looking skin…


I’m virtually stunned! Awesome work!!


very nice

and what is wrong with hetero ? :shrug:


Fantastic work , everything is so well compossed . just no words , i love it!


Very Nice… :slight_smile: great work :thumbsup:


what can I say…just like many others …fantastic…great lighting!


Great work, beautiful lightning, love your anatomic study.


This is really nice, i thought that it was a ps painting, and then i saw that you did it in max, great job!!


i hate posting replies like this because they seem so empty, but ‘wow’!


I like the idea and feel very much but it’s still needs something to really nail it. Right now the way the light hits the skin of the woman is the same as the way it hits the bed sheets. It seems like only the color of the material changes. I think the skin of the woman could be more convincing…
Otherwise it looks great.


Lighting exelent
model exelent
texture exelent (for a sec i thought it was 2d!)

overall score: :drool: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
five stars from me



Dude, this is an awesome piece of work, I am curious though…did you work off of a model or a picture, what was your inspiration to do this piece?


Well Holy smokes man great work… Very impressed.:applause:


a great work. no critique. ideal for a fornt pager