My love in bed(nudity)


WOW! Amazing picture, great atmosphere! And beautiful girlfriend too :thumbsup:


Oh My god!// this is really nice modelling. Hahahah…, somehow is feel so horny after seeing your work. Can’t wait to see your upcoming work.


nice:thumbsup: i love the lighting:)


well done, you are a good man.


Hot damn, that’s some really nice lighting you’ve got going on there. A very nice, tasteful, “sensual” piece. What did you do as far as the hair goes on this?


Very nice, I think the thing that makes this image work for me is the softness. I think had any part been stongly in focus it would have blown the sensualness of the image. Great work!


Thnx to all. I glad that you like her :wink:

Here are some wires and some details.


The Texture and lighting is really good…it gives it that early morning warmpth feeling nice job:thumbsup:


Dude, it’s really fantastic, I’m kinda surprised it hasn’t made the frontpage yet, but it definitely will, I’m sure! :thumbsup:

Nevertheless, I love the lighting in the scene, it gives it the erotic atmosphere… and the chick… thou we can see her from the rear only, she’s lovely, I’d like to feel her on… errr, that’s too much for this forum :scream:

So, I can only say: YOU’VE DONE IT AGAIN! It’s really a touch-down mate! Again, congrats and enjoy your fame! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:
Btw: I’ts a pitty that computers can’t generate smells/scents etc… this would be definitely a pleasure not only to see, but also to smell… wooohoooo… :twisted:


fantastic work! I love the mood of the lighting!

So, who’s the lucky one she’s riding??? Nice!


animation lol
awesome work man
its has a real sensual feel to it.


my senses are screaming CONTROL…

so to all you guys out there who screamed in the max7 thread…here is ‘some’ eyecandy…


Excellent modeling…echoing the majority of the post’s here on capturing the soft sensual essence of the mood.



Very nice and very sexy, makes me want a girlfriend more…i am so lonely…hehe



This is amazing… As I watched it I thought… This would probably be easyer to just do with photography because it’s so good the use of 3d just seem pointless. But hey, amazing work…


Well, this is depressing. I just realized that there aren’t enough years in my life left to get this good. :slight_smile: Awesome work indeed! Bravo!


Excellent image!
I love every pixel man!

right-click-save picture as to the -cool 3D stuff folder-!

:bounce: :thumbsup: :applause:


wow, i can only restate what has already been said, “incredible”.

It may be my screen though, or maybe the jpg detail loss, but you might want to go through some of the hair strands and fix them up some in photoshop ( the look like they have minor pixelations)

that might be my computer or browser not displaying it right…

the hair is brushed excellent, you might just want to smooth it out a tad bit

About the rest… i cant say anything, its just amazing…

this should be on EXPOSE…

you should submit…


great job,with amazing curves…great job as usual.


can we see a front of a her. i don’t mean the body i mean only the face. i wanna know wah she loooks like. that is if u have done a fasce. very well modelled. i wish i could mdel like that. how lng u bin modeling?