my LINEAR-WORKFLOW mel script



I forgot to say that for MR version when you don’t want gamma correction node to be created just lock the attribute in the shader. It will also stop the script from deleting the gamma correction node. And you can also lock the color space of vray attribute. Also I made a mistake at the and outAlpha will not have gamma correction node applied so you don’t need to worry about mathematical values.


I’ve just watched your video and I have to say I’m most impressed with the way you’ve managed to sort out linear workflow for vray AND mentalray users in only 330 lines of mel. I’m guessing this script will be very popular. Thanks for sharing :applause:

Quick question. Why do you chose 0.452 as the gamma correction value? Most people use 1/2.2 = 0.455 (or 0.4545454).

thanks again


indeed I saw the video and it looks awesome! thanks a lot for sharing …


Well done! :beer:


Ah yes , whell when I was reading about LW for the first time I read somewhere 0.452 and that just stuck to my head so I guess I’m brain damaged:). Of cours you are right I changed the values.

Also just fixed stupid problem , the gamma node workflow was working correctly only after you click on “Corection On” 2 times , so it’s fixed now


This is very useful indeed! Thanks a lot for sharing! :slight_smile:



So , no problems so far ?
I’m not really using it since I’m mainly renderman shader writer. Hope to hear some impressions if you used it


so far so good … I havent had any issues … next project will be big so I will def let u know if any problems come up …


Awesome, thanks for this Goran! :thumbsup:


Interesting script. I’m fairly new to 2011, so I’m trying to grasp the color management aspects of it. A couple of questions before I try it:

If I use this script do I need to shut off Enable Color Management in the Render Setting>Common tab for mental ray? Setting for Vray?

Also, the Render View now has an option for 8-bit or 32-bit floating point. How do I set that?

Thanks for sharing!


you should not use maya’s Color Management

For the color view I “think” the best choice is 32-bit floating point + renderView/Display/ColorManagement and set input image Profile to Liner (set gamma to 1 for all MR lens shaders)


very useful script!

is it possible to gamma correct swatches too?
(ignore the default black/white and 50%gray color)


Hi Goran,

Really clever script. Thank you for creating and sharing.

Do you forsee any issues using this script with maya 2012?

Many thanks,



Exactly what I was looking for,… Thanks Goran,… and thankyou for the video explanation.


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