My Life, Matt Sandell (3D)


Title: My Life
Name: Matt Sandell
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max

Being that I spend most of my free time sitting at my desk I thought it might be worth creating in a 3D Environment. I wanted everything to be unique so I made sure to make the toys and comic my own creations.

All comments and critiques will be appreciated.


how rich u r! :stuck_out_tongue:
and i think the picture on the wall and that chair is not very good
other things is perfect


In my opinion it is too clean. Therefor it dosn’t look real. Try to make other textures with a little
bit of dirt. I think this will help making it more realistic.


i think ur pic could be better, but i like ur dual screen :thumbsup:


good detail…lighting is bit old style need some work


Good image!

I like the composition, but I think softer shadows would look nicer … that’s just my preference, though. A few items look like they have sharp edges, too … but, again, maybe that’s how the real items are … I just like a slight bevel on the edges, to make them look just slightly rounded.

Like the dual monitor set up, too … I’m jealous.


I agree to the other opinion, modelling is great, but the reality is not here… some dirt, some lightning some shadows, maybe… don’t know, how to get the reality touch into it


I say the same - good modelling but the lighting is not that good. Indirect illumination (GI) would make it more realistic ! (Try Vray free)


Thank you for all the feedback. I agree, the lighting is very generic. After spending all the time modeling I get a bit lazy with the lighting and rendering. I also need to work on the material for the chair. Good point about it being too clean. I need to add dust/dirt/underwear/scuffs…

As far as the actual hardware, a lot of it is what I actually own but I did add a few extras (the second flat panel monitor). It’s what I hope I can afford over the next year or two.



The scale of the modeling looks very good. The toy figures are a nice touch. Lighting changes could minimize the clean look. I would light the scene with the Lava lamp and monitor glow.

The composition of the scene draws attention to the bare space on the wall. Scuff marks there from the char might add realism and balance to the scene.

I think it is pretty strong technically, but there is no story. It’s sterile. Where is the emotion? The feelings that come to mind when I think of my workspace are: The ahaa moments, the sublime God-like feelings of the power of 3D work itself and the abject frustration when nothing is working out. I don’t feel any of those looking at your scene.

It is a strong foundation, blow some life into it. There have been many wonderful workshop still-lifes done in various media. I think it’s worth building on; keep working.


just add some GI in there and youll be set!


I made a few changes with the lighting. I’m not sure if it’s any better. I used mental ray to render it but I’m not too familiar with the parameters


Fiddle around with the settings, or try using the max skylight and light tracer. Look it up in the help if you are not familiar with it. You’ll also want to think about other light sources in the shot. Is there light coming from the monitors, from an open door or window?


That second image with the darkened lighting seems much more realistic in my opinion. Also, the textures seem a little flat. Great render nonetheless :wink:


Thanks for all the suggestions and comments. They’ve helped. I’m kind of sick of working on this image but I will keep these ideas in mind for my next.


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