my latest demoreel, opinions please


Hello, I wrapped up my latest animation demoreel few days ago and I would like to share it with you. There are just personal works with training purpose.
Please check out my work and I’m expecting constructive critiques, no just technical skill but also artistic view. How would you improve it?



just my 2c worth:
1st shot starts off great then it gets a little too strange and over the top, maybe try adding some texture to the movement (ie holds then quick actions then slow action)
2nd shot is a bit on the cliche side (pulling up his non existent sleeves) and where does the table come from? maybe you should either show it from the start.
3rd shot make sure the guy is constantly moving when he gets up from the roll as he seems to die a bit in that area, and the jump/twist seems a tad too slow.
4th shot is ok.
5th shot is really floaty and missing some weight shifts.
6th shot: the back paws bend in a really strange way, have a look at some reference of foxes and then try and copy it while still trying to make the rig look appealing.
7th shot: this shot just looks strange and disjointed (the legs move lots and the body does not react).
8th shot: the hands don’t feel connected and die in some spots.
9th shot: this is great!
10th shot: some of the acting choices are a bit extreme for the dialogue. and the lip sync seems a tad slow.
11th shot: the character seems almost broken in some spots. There also seem to be issues with spacing/timing. This definatly should not be the last piece of the reel.

In theory you are meant to start your reel with the most super amazing shot you have ever done to grab the viewers attention then followed by a few great shots to keep the viewer interested and then finished off with a shot that is not as good as the super amazing shot but better the the great shots in the middle so the viewer is left with a great impression.

Hope that helps.


Wow YashaP, it’s really detailed elaboration. I appreciate your effort and definitely most of shots need some improvements but it’s reason because I made this thread. For shots 1, 5 and 6 other professionals had almost same feedbacks as your so for next demoreel along new samples I must prepare and improve some of better examples from this reel and use them again.



no worries! glad i could help



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