my ironman project


looks Amazing!! :beer:


cheers chaps - you can also follow updates on the fb page as i dont always get chance to put stuff up on here… there’s little teaser vids and other images too :slight_smile:

its VERY nearly done tho - with audio (i got an actor to do a soundalike of RDJ/Tony Stark) and its pretty epic as a short piece with everything together. I’m literally tweaking shots now as everything is in place now in the sequence :slight_smile:


Just a quick update. This is still happening. All shots are completed now and the full piece weighs in at 2 mins albeit alot goes on in that time.
Most of my time has been spent updating the look… Skies and lighting, some animation and various other composited bits. I also put together a credits sequence in an avengers assemble style altho did my own take on it.
Will get some pics up for you all soon - im hoping to have the final piece online for December :slight_smile:


December eh? Can’t wait! :smiley:


Cant wait to see it! :beer:


This is going to be really really great! I LOVE the way that roll animation feels too! Based on your tron project and this I really love how you see projects to the end. It’s always really easy to lose interest or inspiration for such big projects. Keeping my eye on this project


Cheers fella its good to hear ppl are lookin forward to it :slight_smile: its took a long time and its definitely been the most testing of work I’ve done in every aspect.

To update im literally touching up the final tweaks to a couple of shots… Its very close to being sorted now… Mid December i should have it online :slight_smile:


You deleted all of your WIP videos that I’ve checked… did you got “cease and desist” from Marvel, or something like that?


Lol no nowt like that. Final shot is done so im going to be uploading the piece to vimeo very soon. Should be online mid December and a countdown on fb page soon.


Final piece will be online Friday 20th December




I cannot wait! :smiley: :bounce: :bounce:


hi everyone thought i’d let you know its up online :slight_smile:


Woop woop! Congratulations on a nice clean finish. Looking forward to your next project in the future, man!



awesome! definitely worth the wait. nice job all around!


I saw it, and loved every minute of it!! Thanks for sharing and for paving the way. It’s great to see it completed, after having followed it from the beginning. Congs bro :wink:


Cheers chaps… Short i know but squeezed in amidst working crunch on driveclub and dealing with a baby which popped out just after i started this heh!

I put a Q&A together on blogspot…

iron man mk Z Q&A


Hey Anthony,

Not bad at all! but I wouldn’t call it finished.

Your textures, and really the whole material set up on most of your metal looks rather unfinished.
Especially in the car as he is getting his suit put on, the upclose renders of this leg and feet armor just look super fake and plastic like to me.

I think the material setup on his skin looks just as unfinished and plastic like.

Umm… lets see…
Most of the animation looks pretty good and believable, but one thing I noticed right away was when he is first getting hit by the Jericho missile, his car getting knocked around and his body’s response makes it looks like he doesn’t weigh anything… like the car and Tony have the physics of a toy car and small doll.
The throw-out and his landing look pretty nice though, so the feeling i got from the car doesn’t stick around for long :wink:

Cheers on such an ambitious project! There are so many elements that are very astounding! The cinematography and shot choices are especially nice! Gives it a true blockbuster feel :smiley:


  • Bergquist


You can breathe now Bergquist.

Although feedback and crits are always welcome, I personally think some of what you said is a little harsh and unnecessary considering this project is completely finished with and no longer being iterated on. That being said the comments have been duly noted and will most certainly be addressed, but next time try giving some during the production time rather than when all the hard work is finished.

I look forward to seeing your new project soon though Berg. Keep up the realism :thumbsup:

As for you Ant. Your metal looks like plastic and your skin looks like sausages.


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