my ironman project


been working on this for a while now… its gone through a fair bit of design iteration going from initially a copy of the mk5 suit to where it is now… a sort of slimmed down war machine with carbon fibre panels…

all modelling, rigging, animation and rendering done by myself.

walk cycle test…

wip pics and renders…


couple more renders…


Looks amazing!

Can you control each plate individually or are they all joined together?



Each plate is driven keyed mate. took a while esp around the midriff. if i move the arm the shoulder plates shift and rotate around. similarly for the legs toil esp knees upper thigh and ankle.

however on top of that i have a series of offset controls for the panels so if need be i can literally keyframe each one.

I also have a series of high frequency noise expressions (rndchannel script) used so i can add vibration to the plates… useful for in flight shots.

Finally i have weapons that are driven off a slider using a script i wrote… this way i can key a complex array of motion for say… a forearm weapon but then just drive it all off one slider control.

More animated shots to come… got some crazy suit-deploy sequence lined up that’s gonna take a while to figure out but could work well :slight_smile:


Quick bit of modelling work - mostly detail behind the leg/booster areas, backs of the knees and the hip… Still got a fair amount of bits to do esp. behind the arms when weaponry is revealed. I actually want to remodel the arm to be more aerodynamic too.


Yeah that would be the more logical way of doing it.

New renders look great.

Hey what you going to do with the rig once your done??? and is there any chance I could get a copy of it??? I would love to do an IronMan shot… well once all the Avengers hype dies down.



Another quick test pic closer to the leg with the detail… need to boost lighting in there more but its starting to get there…


The model and renders are looking good dude. The walk cycle is looking good, the only crit I have is it looks like his hands are passing thought his legs. Weight looks nice.



cheers mate - the walk cycle was just that - a test to see how it renders out etc. Its since been refined a fair bit in the arms and shading materials too. Most of it was just to see how panels shift and move with the motion.

I’m in the midst of doing an animatic for my suit-up sequence so my time is going into that now… i dont wanna share out too much but i think its gonna work a treat - the shots i thought would be difficult are certainly going to work anyway once the detail is added in.

Once i get the animatic completed i’ll get a playblast up :thumbsup:






Done a few animatic shots now. they’re all working quote well and cut together nicely. if anything maybe they are too long in the time i need the suit to deploy. got a few more shots to animate then I’ll get a playback edit up.
Nice thing about doing this is that straight away as i put shots together Im thinking “ah need to.model that bit and didn’t think about that part either”. However Im also able to look at a shot and think “yeah that shot can be cut down to 30 frames and the next needs ten more” …once the edit is working I’ll be able to take each shot and really work detail in :slight_smile:


Animatic to come soon. done about three quarters of it! really wanna share but want the animatic to edit nicely before i post it on YouTube :slight_smile:


okay as promised… here is a first pass animatic of what i plan to do…

My initial thoughts were to copy the sequence from iron man2 but its been done. Then i went to see Avengers and thought 'blast… there goes my deploy-in-freefall idea! So i sat about and thought up a way to have a suit deploy in a unique situation.

It occured to me that his ironman suits always seem to come to him when he’s in trouble… and that this route might possibly be one Stark himself would want to have work for him if it ever happened. He’s already been in one incident (Humvee from the first film) so it stands to reason he might want to deploy his suit much like a full-body air bag! With that in mind i figured a car crash or possibility of dying in a car would be a cool way to deploy the suit! :slight_smile:

Please bear in mind animation, timing & possibly shots may change - its just meant to give me an idea of the amount of work needed in various areas (lots lol!) The animatic just tells me if the story & high level concept of the sequence is going to work. The character is clearly missing from the car at present with just a proxy mesh in place for the close up shots. This will get added for the next version.

The camerawork is meant to convey a sense of urgency - i took some inspiration from a car chase in one of the Bourne films for this. Shots need to be quick and snappy yet convey enough of whats happening. At first my shots were about 30-60frms each in the deploy sequence and i quickly realised it was taking forever. My idea was for my character to realise he’s in trouble and QUICKLY deploy his suit.

hope you like. Thoughts, comments & ideas most welcome :thumbsup:

<iframe width=“560” height=“315” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>


This is really nice, modeling and rendering is spot on. I watched Ironman 1 and 2 yesterday, for the 5th time :slight_smile:

Ironman 3 is currently being filmed here in North Carolina :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: its obviously changed from the original idea and early modelling but i don’t really like to do direct copies of anything really. i have tried to maintain things like the helmet and small bits like the bolts and general leg design. The more i researched into it now(bought the art of iron man book) the more i realised how considered it was in aeronautical design with airlevons and even the back looking like a bulky fuselage.
Bit more model detail to add in around the foot and the neck and wrist/forearm and some rigging down the back then its good to go. got to model cg character in there too with realistic hands etc.

Quite happy with the animatic tho. hope i can do it justice. really need to figure out some convincing explosions with fluids and dust fx so if there are any good threads or links with info then add the links on here :slight_smile:


To the 2 guys who emailed me no Im not working on iron man 3 lol! Its not that good!

Couple of hours spent yday working on last shot. made it more frantic and made iron man tumble a bit more along with the car too. playblast to come later. i really want this last shot to look good as its the reveal shot.

I’ve had a few ppl ask “oh why doesn’t the helmet close in the car?”… i did try that but the second that helmet closes you know he’s safe and secure… the big clank of the faceplate and eyes light up signify “i mean business” and when it happened in the car i felt “ah doesn’t matter what happens now… he’s safe” …also the beats are nice… Big explosion… barrel out of car… skid to a stop… turn to cam… faceplate… eyes… blast off. its kinda like a typical stark prototype… 98% of the way there but can be fine tuned to be a bit quicker lol! might even have a slight voiceover “not bad” heh :slight_smile:


hey all… just a quick update - been working on the final shot again. Still lots of work to do on it but its kinda in a better direction…


nice!! dynamic camera movement, looking forward to seeing the rendered version.


Thanks. Im still trying to tidy up the animation and add more impact (prob another roll after the bit on the knees) and the bit where he slides to a halt Will read better once i have ripped up debris on the road around his feet.
Also working on fluid explosions at the moment using fuel and temp and buoyancy… not easy to get right as i can’t seem to get it to explode quickly enough really but with a few of them bundled together… some dust and some particle debris it should work well.

Next version should feature more detail all over :slight_smile:


what are you using for the FX?