my initial works


here is some of my works done in photoshop and traditional. i don’t know if they are has a quality enough to post here. Well, waiting for critiques. thanks…


there is no crits??? or there is nothing good enough to criticise??:(:frowning:
but i post some works more.


euheu euheu euheu!!!:cry::cry::cry:
no crits…
i am very bad…


There is a lot of roundness in your work. I’m assuming you’re very young at this stage? You’re doing quite well (I suggest keep it up), but you should not be discouraged from getting anatomy, line, figure, gesture, etc all down. Keep those in mind. Take figure classes if you need, they really help with proportion, something I find lacking in your work (even though it’s cartoony).


woooouww!! a crit… my eyes got wet…:cry:
thanks pongball. i can’t understand what you mean by saying “very young at this stage” but i am new to drawing, taking drawing seriously, and new to cgtalk (sorry for my bad english)…
i will consider your suggestions. sonn will post new ones…


^ Don’t take it personally of course, you’re better than me at drawing :wink: . Wait till i start posting up works of my own, I would like you to comment/crit it as well!


En son gönderdiğin karakalem çalışması, böcek ve de bağıran adamın üstündeki benekli figür dışındakileri göndermeseydin bence daha fazla kritik alırdın gibime geliyor…


i did these sketces at school in a class. partly boring class :slight_smile:



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