My Hummer


I made this a week ago… thought I would put it in here :slight_smile: Like my other model. This is a Quake3 model for a Q3A: UrbanTerror Mod Map. I plan on lowering the texture size to 350x350 or re-UV mapping the object and remaking the textures.

Polycount :: 624 (Triangles)
Texture Map :: Single 512x512
Model created and UV Mapped in :: Lightwave[7b].
Textured in :: DeepPaint3d and Photoshop6.
Final game format :: MD3 (Quake III Arena MapObject)



not bad man, looks nice. i don’t like the 2 seat version very much but i like the hummer ;-). i have also done some q3 stuff. is this for enviroment or can the player use this car?


it’s going to be a map object that moves around. So you can hop in the back and crouch to get a little protection. The Hummer will have a path that it will travel. But you can’t drive it… however, you can also get run over by the hummer.



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