my girl


It’s my firt girl model in maya,advice is welcome.:slight_smile:


looks good, my only crit is that the chin seems too square for a female. everything else is great.


:drool: sweeeeet:drool:
I like it a lot, superb modeling.

My critics:
The right foot is not over the ground.
there is something weird at the left armpit.
I would remove all the shadows from the ground except one.

Anyway 5x:thumbsup:


Is not you of in a dream lover!?
ha,ha,ha!!!:surprised :surprised :eek: :eek:


One little crit though, I think the hair style doens’t quite match the rest of the model.

So how do you like maya? What 3D software did you use before?


seantree n yahll:
Thank you for your advice,i’ll rectify them soon:)


ill say diffuse the shadows more till it looks like one…


very beautifull girl…




I made her head and body separately,so them don’t look like qiute consistent.
But i like the short style:) ,and u?


beautiful model Roy. the body proportions are excellent


:applause: :applause: :applause:



Kickass. :bowdown:

I do agree about the hair length though, or maybe it’s just the style of it, seems very modern…maybe if she had some kind of jewelry, comb, that kind of thing in it? I dunno.

Aside from the earlier chin comment that’s really all I can think of…she’s smokin’ and very natural looking. Great stuff.


really nice…:applause:


another angle.:slight_smile:


she great…how long did it take u to model her? cant wait for a pic with maps in place

great work:applause:


it’s my final project of my study,and it take me about 2 weeks to do it.Texture is my weakness,so i haven’t colored it,I think that map a girl is a more difficut job than modeling.I have studied some skill of mapping,but it is not enough to map a girl.:hmm:

and here is her wire.


Jepp, that’s great work! :thumbsup:


she’s got some damn fine pleasure pillows she has . . .:smiley:



Thats’s a babe…

can I have her phone number please? :eek:


boy that’s awsome! great job!


woohoo, more pics…nice wireframe, too. Is she modeled in place, or have a skeleton?

Hope you work up the texturing nerve eventually, would really like to see her surfaced, living, breathing, and…ok, I better stop, that’s just wrong :smiley: