My funny car , Hamed Yousef (3D)


Title: My funny car
Name: Hamed Yousef
Country: Jordan
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hi folks
Here is my latest personal work that I want to show it here ,my goal was creating car by achieving a combination of ( old style and funny look with a modern spirit ) , I have done it upon my 2d concept . I hope you like it , I am waiting your comments .


I really like that. Very cool.

Have you thought about creating a background scene for it or adding a character?


This was very nice


:slight_smile: Nice work. Love the toon style. Reminiscent of an old style of cartoon that isn’t seen much anymore. Great work all round, good materials.

Be good to see your concept art so we can see how the idea was concieved. :slight_smile:


it’s look very nice…congratulation


Hah! Awesome sense of style and personality… Makes me wanna animate it. Congrats:thumbsup:


idea and style is great man. Congrats:thumbsup:


That is pretty sweet man, 5 stars from me. Love the style to death, and awesome render. get that thing animated plz and post it on or something!:slight_smile:


I don’t like cars so mych but this is soo beautiful, cute, I love it :thumbsup:


really cool love your style great render. 5 stars

does the head lights move? right head light looks like its in a different position in the two shots…


I really like the idea .modeling ,texturing and lighting is also great .
specially that ladder in the back which gives different look to the car.
It will create a good feel to the scene if you create a garage of same style for the car

great work :thumbsup:


this is really gr8 Hamed …gr8 work and attention to details plus the rendering is really cool
keep it up :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I want a copy of that car. Great great, i really love, only one crit… maybe needs a little reduction of reflectivity


Very nice and stylish … :thumbsup:

Keep it up …


Very Original car cartoon !!!

Good work.


An extremely well done render! 4 stars from me. I wouldn’t be surprised if you win an award!


Love the style and the render looks good.


i’d like to see it run

lovely little car :slight_smile:


thanx alot guys for ur comments

DrawTOOOmuch ,sagargears : i hope that i have time to do external background or garage
but i wanted the scene to be in a place with an exhibition hall feel

chriswalker : the concept was a quick sketch that i’ve drawn in my spare time at work ,
but i did modifications directly on the model and this is a good thing when u r doing ur personal work
no directors approvals :slight_smile:

vexona :yah am looking to animate it , it need a suitable rig ,but my priority nowadays is doing my demoreel

evilwabbit : the scene is one shot i just duplicated the car, and most of lighting came from HDRI image


Haha! Great model! 4****