My Friend, Olivier Derouetteau (2D)


Title: My Friend
Name: Olivier Derouetteau
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Hi everybody,
I hope you will enjoy this cartoon style mixed with a little bit Tim Burtons’s inpiration.
I used Photoshop, I have tried to find partucular athmosphere in the lighting and design.
all comments are welcome…

>> Hi resolution image <<


Wooow, nice work! Your style is good for book ilustrations, keep it.
Very good.


cool image, nice composition. what can i say- i like it!


Creative Idea ,and Good Lighting!!
I Like The Girl, She Is Full Of Myst!


Bravo!! C’est excellent :thumbsup:

C’est trés poétique , agréable à regarder.:love:

Peut être les murs de la maison aurraient mérité un poil plus de matiére…

Very well done , :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Amazing work man
i believe the cloud could be better
nice work


fantastic, zero crits from me.


[font=Palatino Linotype]Vraiment super. Avant même de lire la description j’ai pu reconnaitre la touche ‘‘Tim Burton’’; tu as vraiment bien réussi à la reproduire en t’en inspirant. Et les couleurs avec la lune laiteuse donne tellement d’atmosphère. Vraiment, chapeau. J’adore. :)[/font]


Great job and nice concept indeed! I especially like the lower half of the pic, it’s brilliantly executed.


Made me smile.good idea.I like it a lot and it is well painted.The only crit would be the size of the girl to the house and the swing,But because it is whimsical and cartoonish i think you can get away with it.


Beautiful. Just beautiful ! It’s my favorite piece to !:love: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :applause: :applause:


excellent, 5 star, frontpage!



very nice work my friend, keep on rolling!
It deserve a front page!!!


Excellent idea!:thumbsup:
It is very sincerely drawn. I have put 5 stars!


Beautiful work!


I really like this piece. It has a very dark childrens book feeling to it. Great composition. Good way to show the height of the creature. :thumbsup:



thanks everybody!!!
I see that you enjoy this little story… Thanks again.

KYK>>Je note ta remarque pour le mur.
Merci, en tout cas j’avais déjà vu ton robot cariste et j’aime beaucoup ce style tout en rondeur (ça m’fait bien délirer, tu n’as pas un p’tit site?)


Phantastic picture :slight_smile:

i love the mood of it and the design of the “friend” :).
Great colors and composition.

greetings OrcOYoyo


Love it! Brilliant style! :thumbsup:


I’m voting 5 stars for this one. It’s the best image I’ve seen around here for a long time. I really really love it.

Glenn M