my first Zbrush model


I’ve been playing around with Zbrush for a couple of weeks now…this is my first 3d model in Zbrush, all modeled from a sphere. This model took me 4 days to make, 10-12 hours total probably. Feedback welcome.


fantastic first model. couple of critics:-
i)the chin is too long
ii)you could bring the tip of the nose down
iii) the ears look a little funky ,
other than that i think it looks good.


Thats a good model. Your making me want Z-brush.


looking good!! I think the base of the nose may be just a little wide, especially around the nostrils. keep up the good work!!


Sweet. Nice to see you posting your stuff…

I just commented on this image over at Zbrush Central, but it’s nice to see you here, so I will comment again!

It is NOT easy to make something this detailed using primitive geometry. You will love starting with Zspheres (which happen to be next Sundays topic for the Zclass at Gnomon). Can’t wait to see what you do with them…

See you soon. Great work.


Thanks guys. Hey I didn’t know you were a mod meats, cool, see you in class. Thanks again.


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