my first stange organic model


hi guys, that’s a wip of my first organic character :slight_smile:

a few images…



Well I wish I could offer some critique, but the images aren’t loading for me. Anybody else see it?


Is it the invisible man? :slight_smile:


cant see the images,:eek:


Originally posted by SplineGod
Is it the invisible man? :slight_smile:

lol bumer dude

ahaha that suck ?? post some links interested in seeing ur work


I’m so sorry, my web server was down. The images are visible now.

Few more:



two more, sorry for the “atack of images” :rolleyes:

y use lightwave, fprime and photoshpo for the textures


Good work! i like the mesh of this char. the texturing too.really evil looking. :slight_smile:

my only crit resides in the texture readability. the area surrounding the lips , being different from the nose area and pink, doesn’t allow you to understand clearly the char’s look. I’d make it yellow like all the rest . i’d also make the eyes not so white, and the inner mouth not so plain red. this way the look of the char will be more confortable to the eye, while still looking damn evil :buttrock:

keep up with the great work!!!


Yup, I agree with Nemoid. The texturing needs a bit of cleanup.


thanks a lot for your c&c. I’m still modeling it, the texture is just for try few renders :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ll be back with some more updates. :cool:


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