My first silo model


hi guys.its my first model in silo.i quiite liked the simplicity of the program.1 thing annoy me sometimes when i subdivide with button c model vertexes blasting.when i do inset on some model as well.i could not figure out the reason exactly but somehow i cleaned the model without problem.


Looks good :]

Exploding vertices are usually caused by edges with 3 faces attached - you have probably done an accidental extrude on an edge.

You can filter selections and find the culprits with the Selection Menu > Select Special Options


Thats looking good.

Only things are the details around the barrel area, which are merely different. The “Forend” under the barrel is the most visible difference.


u are exactly right.i ll change it later.u can see my latests works as well


I have to say that is lovely work. I like the loose strap on the bullet shield!


Thats very good work for a first model in Silo. You dont seem to be new to modeling, just Silo.


Thanks i ve more than 10 years max-maya experiment.


Nice work! :slight_smile: