My first short animation


Hi, my name is Santiago, Im from Argentina. This is my first animation, and I would like to have your opinion. It`s made whit 3dsMax 8 and i did the whole process: modeling, texturing, animation and editing.

I hope you like it.


Well sir, I’d imagine you had quite an undertaking doing this. I was impressed by the style you offered, and it was quite nice. I think it could’ve probably used a better rendering style, or better lighting, but there were parts of it that worked quite nicely.

I’m sure you understand that you had a lot to accomplish with this and perhaps in some areas lacked expertise. Now that I think about it I kind of understand what is going on, but I think it could have come across a little better.

Regardless, I think you probably worked very hard on this, and anything like this completed by someone shouldn’t be scoffed at. Congratulations on completing it, and I hope it was what you imagined it to be.


m0og0o: Thanks very much for your comments. I know that I still have a long way to go and these kind of comments really help me!!! Thanks a lot.


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