My first interior



I’m new in this forum. I don’t speak english very well. I use this for speak with you

Your forum is great and I always follow to you!

This is my first interior scene with Vray

Bye from Italy









WoW… :surprised

It is very realistic!:thumbsup:

Good Job

Joe :wavey:


omg amazing work…

i can tell its a guys bathroom… the toilet seat was left up. hahaha

once again great work…looks so reaistic


fantastic work. especially the 8th pic. :slight_smile:


Brilliant. Your attention to detail is outstanding:thumbsup:

My only critique which i’m not sure if others have noticed. The door to the room is a little colourless. Im not sure if that’s the best way to describe it. Anyone else?


Ps. I love the idea of the little tap next to the toilet. Just in case you get thirsty.:rolleyes:


Ps. I love the idea of the little tap next to the toilet. Just in case you get thirsty.

haha I REALLY hope you are joking (although it does seem to be wrong for a bidet, we used to have one in our house and the water shoots up from the bottom for good “cleanage” lol)

This scene is absolutely AWESOME! Extremely realistic! very best interior design/decoration ive seen here. I love it!. The only thing I thought was even close to being half “something” was the toilet paper roll. It seems to be perportionally wrong to the room. Maybe if the wall fixture for it remained the same, then make the roll itself be a lil longer (therefore it would appear to be a lil used). Maybe I’m wrong on this but it looked a lil weird in pic 5 i think it was. I know I know this is a very minor thing, but it seems to stand out to me :stuck_out_tongue: (i really have this lil quirk about toilet paper :wink: )


Really great work :thumbsup:


WOW :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your comments!If you want tomorrow I can post the setting. I don’t read English well, but all it is determine the proportions “to eyes”. This bathroom really exists. It’s mine!



nice job, looks realistic with hdri and volumetric light render.
Im too modeling now a realistic bath room but other style.

got 10 :deal:


something that i noticed - is it true that on the third picture you can see the sky? you should see the ground from such an angle, as seen from the other pics you live on the ground floor on the second one. leave that aside - a perfect pic. nice bright summery lighting which i miss here in estonia right now when fall takes over.


Yes, in the 3 pic the background is incorret, but I don’t have time in order to correct it. Sorry… but the next time I will make better.

Good vision :slight_smile:


Nice. I love it. Please use only white or something blired for outside photos. The photo for the outside is acward. :rolleyes:


wow, looks like a picture
great job:thumbsup:


stunning :eek:

excellent work :thumbsup:



This is some pic




haha i looked at your last two pics and thought they were your renders… i didnt see where you said they were the reference photos… :stuck_out_tongue:

your actual renders are truely superb… great work :applause:

out of interest, why did you decide to recreate your bathroom? was it the shiny ceramics?

again … good work.


one of the better bathroom renders I have seen, nice job