My first human head. Something looks weird!


Hi guys,

This is my first attempt at a female head. I followed a tutorial that showed how to deal with a male figure, but used my own references.

All in all I am really happy with the results so far. However, I don´t manage to solve the problem I am having with the eyes. Am I placing the eyeballs incorrectly?

All comments are appreciated. And if someone can give me any suggestion on how to proceed with the ears I will thank him a lot (at least let me know if there is a good tutorial out there)


I´ve managed to solve the problem, it was just that I had wrongly placed the eyeballs.

Now I have encountered another problem: How do I attach the ears to the head?

Here is the OBJ before I connected the ears:


you should check out the joan of arc tutorial. i believe it may answer alot of your questions.


I’ve downloaded your model and noticed two issues:

  1. Proportions are wrong. a) The face is too thin, compared with the rest of the skull. Nose too wide. The back of the head is shorter and the point it connects to the neck is too low. But these are anatomical issues, not modeling ones. Learn anatomy and model a lot of heads and you’ll be ok.

  2. You have too much poles on your head. This make it difficult to change it, once it gets complicated. Too many triangles also. My guess is you need to adjust your workflow by starting cleaner, until you master edgeloops/poles, etc.

Maybe this can help you.


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