My first head WIP


Hello all!

This is my first head Hope you like :slight_smile: C&C are welcomed.

Software used : 3ds max 6

Techniques used: Box modeling and poly by poly or edge

BTW- I know that he has no ears I will get him some soon :slight_smile:



for your first head this is very good :smiley:


Now i gotta figure out the ears :slight_smile:



the mesh looks good!keep on…


This mesh is clean, I like that…

Here is a good tutorial for ears

good luck :wink:


Real good and nice modeling,not only because it’s your first one!
Bravo!!!continu like that


Wow thanks so much Mikacetro!

I’ve really been practicing alot.

Thanks again,


i wan see the finshed head :slight_smile:


Hehe i’m workin on it :slight_smile:



Nice one!
How long did it take you?


Hi batavia!

This guy took me about a week. i just finished a female head with ears hehe :slight_smile: the she took me a couple of days! practice, practice, practice!

Actually its getting alot easier for me now that a got a basic topology that i go by now.

Thanks again!


Looks great! your not gonna tell me this is your first head, or at least not yout first mesh. Or you got a really great talent! anyway keep it up :thumbsup:


Hi d-tox!

Hehe no not my first mesh but my first complete head the others were practice and never finished.

Thanks again!


lol so thats your first head thats looking good? :slight_smile: I can’t find anything to crit… Its perfect! We wait for u to start the ears… Hope you cant make them! :twisted:


indeed it looks good, but whats the gender? male or female? it looks like male, but for a strong women it would going too.


Wowzers, awsome job on this one (I especially love the lips, took a look at the time lapse demo dave black made?). Just keep in mind, the ear is bassically a question mark going towards the center, with a Y inside of it, and a hole to the right. Also, in that tut someone gave, remember the helix inside is a dome shape, NOT a round shape


As Loganarts (maker of a recent wings head modeling video series) would say, “Great! Now it’s time to add some character!” So, pick some features and exagerate or tweak them a bit until the head isn’t so generic. It’s still a great job for a first head but don’t stop now, take it further.


Thanks Fettmops!
And yes its a male study :slight_smile:

Thanks Optimusdinkus!
I’ve made a female head with ears after i did this study
i’ll post her and a close up of the ears for crits in a bit.

Thanks Teyon!
i Made this head to study and test topolgy,
i do agree that he is pretty generic looking but i learned alot from him.



This Is Nice Face


You sound like me I start something and never finish I always think I can do it a better way and start over.

good job lets see it finished