My First finished project


You can you give me some tips on how to improve this scene?


An environment for the plastic to reflect.
Even a simple spherical environment map would be good.
That’s about all I got.


Any transparent material even a thin one like plastic has an index of refraction. Look at the platic IOr value of the raytraced material that comes with Max.

Why are 6 bottles of Pepsi sitting empty? If you want a scene to look good you have to make it more interesting - put it in a setting, a better camera angle.

Add a background and give the bottle something to refract.

You’ve done well for your first finished project and in no time at all you will learn so much more and you will be able to make this sort of scene in minutes!

Keep it up!


thx for the replys i will take you thoughts and [color=white][size=2][font=Verdana]Criticisms and try to make the scene better. [/font][/color][/size]


This might be a geography issue but no pepsi bottles in my area look remotely like that. What reference pics are you going from? There seems to be a weird flat spot on the bottom side also. Also what the other guys said about no environment. Ever a simple plain on the bottom to cast some shadows on would help a lot.

Very good for first project though! Way better than I did my first time! Keep it up.



Not too sure, but i think the caps are too thin or small whatever u want to call it, doesn’t look very realistic to me (the caps shape), because it would be too difficult to open, otherwise i like the materials and yeah can do with some shadows.


Besides the issues mentioned previously I would say there is no way (or reason) to align things like that in the real world. you took the time to rotate them a little bit, but they are so perfectly in line… And this is not really a good thing.
Good models and textures, I must say that.


thx for the Constructive Criticisms searcher and Deathcricket. wtf is “i would say there is no way (or reason) to align things like that in the real world. you took the time to rotate them a little bit, but they are so perfectly in line” spoused to mean??


Change the labels to Coke :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he means that in the real world, the 6 bottles would not be lined up in a line so perfectly, there is always imperfection in the alignment, it’s like wanting a queue of people to stand perfectly straight in a line, an impossible task. He is commenting on the way you arrange the bottles, especially that those bottles are empty. I would suggest some bottles to be lying down and thrown haphazardly to simulate a mess after drinking finish the bottles, would probably be more realistic, and if possible, have some drink left inside the bottle would be even nicer :p. Of course all this depend on what u kind of look you want to achieve with this image.


Yes, I really miss the randomness, regarding their position, but a hazard/mess perhaps would be too much. I just suggested something without a total rearrangement. Maybe you think that I am picking something unimportant, just to bark.
Well… you asked comments, and a note like “Kewl! Awesome!” doesn’t really helps.

Take your time to read
Pick Reality is Chaos article series, and you will know why I would like to see those bottles not aligned that well.


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