my first concept: REH - Re-enhanced Human


hi, this is my first concept art. what do you think? i was wondering if i should start modelling it. or does it need more detail?

i dont really draw (as you can see on the pic). im a beginner at everything cg, i suck at textures and light has no meaning to me.
i know the importance of all these though, so dont lecture me about those.

do give some advice if its a good idea to work on this concept that i made when i have no experience in anything. i was wondering if i could start by modeling it (i actually have ok modeling skills), then learn about texures after, then lighting then composition and so on… all on this REH project of mine.

about REH:
i got this idea a few months ago. i actually based Reh on abe’s odysey. i know the heat sink on his face is a bit dull, but i wanted him looking mysterous (sorry, cant spell). and he cant breath without it. you dont want reh do die do you? DO YOU?!

crits on drawing are welcome. bash my drawing skills. i dares ya… i double dares ya


wow, no replies after 28 views. it must need some serius work.

your silence has helped. thank you.


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