My first clip, need some advice !


Hello !

This is my first thread here, let me know if I’m doing anything wrong.

So I’m at a point where I feel really comfortable with all the different aspects of 3D works. I’m confident enough to create my first “movie/clip”, but I just need one advice. I mainly work with 3Ds max, I’m pretty used to it (I can handle Maya aswell, but personally prefer 3ds). My goal is to make a short clip, 1-2 minutes long, looking as realistic as possible (considering my knowledge and hardware). So my question is this : Is 3DS Max going to do the trick for such a project or is it better to try a 3rd party software ? Like, I really want to animate and create my materials exclusively in max, but how about the render ? I thought about using vray since it’s the one I’m the most familiar with, but should I try something else ?

Any advice / tips will be appreciated !

Thanks :slight_smile:


Personally I just use 3Ds Max to render out my video clips and use software like After Effects or Premiere Pro to edit them.
This works well but if you are doing something big, there are some great 3rd party rendering programs out there that you can use for free or at a low price; like RenderMan (this one works with Maya though so maybe search Top Free 3d Render Programs)