My first character expirement (shtanky shnot ahead)


Here is my first shot at a highpoly head. I am very new to the Editable Poly in MAX4. I am using Meshtools for poly editing. The only animation here was with morpher, cuz I am new enough that I still don’t know how to use bones or biped.

Anyway, just wondering how bad this is, and what is necessary for improvement.

Meshsmoothed and color:

Wireframe (no meshsmooth):
[](Wireframe, same anim)



It’s not that it bad for your first high poly head it’s rather good. Here are some thing I think that may help you.You might want to pull out a nose bridge and bring the eye together a bit. Also rotate the ears in a bit so that ears are on an angel and not straight. If you know what I mean )0( . Just spend so time on the blend shapes and the texture and I think this will turn out awesome.

Keep up the good work Drew.


Haha, I didn’t even spell experiment right.

Anyway, thanx a ton Dan, but about the nose and ears, I didn’t plan on them being human-ish, so I’m not worried much about design, just wanted to see if there were constructive flaws that you would notice that I would not.



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