My First 3D attempt WIP


Hey guys I am a 52 yr old fart and gonna prove you can teach an old dog new tricks. For xmas I got 3d max and zbrush so am going to try and do what I have always wanted to do and that is a 3D model and work into animating etc after I learn sculpting.

I have in my head what I am wanting, But pls let me explain my concept so that if you guys post feedback you don’t give feedback on what you think I am trying to do compared to what I am wanting to do if that makes sense.

Ok I am a huge fan of the Resident Evil series and Milla Jovovich BUT I am not doing her just using for inspiration. I want to do a unique Females Character Based off the Resident Evil Extenction Alice. For the most part I love the outfit she has there the t-shirt with the old fashioned mens long johns type layer then the pair of shorts then the Duster. something about that outfit just looks cool and has some attitude.

For the female character itself I have always loved the look of the strong jawed wide chinned irish redhead as seen in pic

  1. The problem is finding good reference photos. I came across pic 2 from Deviant art with free use on it so I cropped and edited the pictures for reference. the front view was cocked so I rotated it and it was slightly angled so I cut one side and mirrored it over and think I got a pretty good view out of it. Now a couple things don’t line up on the 2 views but it is only reference so I can get by. its mainly the eyes the front view and side view don’t line up but most everything below them do.

2: I am not going for an exact face sculpt as I am too new to this and prob couldn’t even get close. Instead I am just trying to learn the software and tools at this point. I want to use the images to give me the overall shape of the face as it appears to be close to what I am wanting from picture 1 with the need to bring the cheekbones out a little more than my ref pic.

So in a nutshell I will be doing a unique female with the strong jawed high cheekbone look and dressing her out in an outfit similar to Picture 3.

After I get going if I seem to be getting comfortable with what I am doing I may add to it. so please on your comments don’t think it is supposed to look like any of the pictures just look at the pictures for facial structure and when I get that far the way the clothing looks.

I am very thick skinned so don’t worry about hurting my feelings tell me like it is because the only way I will improve is by getting truly honest comments.

thanks and ps for now I just found a generic model in T-Pose off the web to start with and will go from there. I tried using Zbrush remesher tool but it really totally fubars the face so for now not going to mess with that lol


I think the proportions look very good - maybe the knees are a little low but i’m not sure. The mesh seems denser than it needs to be.


Thanks this is just a base mesh I found on the web since I am so new to this stuff I thought I would start with a basic mesh already made. I tried to use the Z-Remesher in zbrush but it really messes up the face so I will just have to do a lot of fudging around. or find a lower poly base mesh to start with


ok well I followed an online tutorial and got my reference images in place. It looks like it is going to be fun getting used to looking at things that are transparent but I will play around and get it


And now before I get started I best post the initial head I am working with


Ok Got the face to match the outlines now will have to turn down the images and adjust the rest of the face to smooth out what didn’t move with the rest.


So Here is pics without the backgrounds and after I got everything tweaked as far as I can tell that I can do at this low poly level. the two loops the yellow and green are sticking out funny looking but I cant do anything until I get another subdivision level in.

I think I am doing this all correctly. I been fighting the urge to go up a couple division levels and sticking at the lowest possible poly count level as I can to move things around according to all the threads I been reading to learn what others are doing and the advice they get.

I need to shape the rear of the jaw as I have it drawn but cant get there at this sub division level


Hey man! Props to you for taking up a new challenge! My suggestion is to pop in a couple of eyeballs at this stage, to make sure that your eyelids are really round and really wrapping over the eyes.

Cheers dude, keep on trucking!



I have eyeballs but because I had to move my eyes the eyeballs are too high and I dont have a clue yet how to adjust them here in zbrush. I might have to export an obj and bring it into 3dmax then bring the newly located eyes back.

I just finished some higher res tweaks I think I got the base shapes down now and my jaw shaped. to my untrained eye it seems to be looking ok but im not sure where I need to go from here.

I guess the eyes would probably be the next thing as they will have to be adjusted which could change things.

But I think the overall shaping of the face is finished maybe a few minor tweaks after i do the eyes unless you guys see something im missing


Ok I got the eyes repositioned. So now things will slow down quite a bit as I study my reference material before I start tearing into they eyes


well I split the head into different polygroups to make it easier to work with and will make it easier to do the fibermesh for the hair and to make it easier to style


Topology and geometry are very good but for now the face is looking more like male instead of female. I’ve studied a little your work and your reference and that’s what I got…

Here is a high-res of image:

In case if image is not understandable here is short info:

  • corners next to eyebrows are too much extrude from sides
  • eyebrows are too wavy
  • cheek bones are too much extrude from sides and too low extrude from front
  • mandible is too much extrude and it have too much sharp “corner”
  • cheeks are too low extrude from sides
  • cartilages next too nose are too much (!!!) extrude from sides and front
  • nostriles are too small
  • chin is too wide and too low extrude from front

Hope it’ll help a little :slight_smile:

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thanks for the input

the chin I wanted a slightly wider chin as I have seen in other images I have I don’t like the looks of the narrow chin as it is too pointy

the jawline still need to add some “flesh” around it to soften it up but I want it to be fairly pronounced.

Haven’t touched the eye area that is what I am working on now and once I get the eye area shaped I think then I sb able to worry abt the cheekbones eyebrows and other stuff. I left those alone until I could get my eye shapes as i think that will determine the shapes the rest will take. I will see what I can do with they eyes today and then bring in the eyebrows and cheekbones. later I will post a couple more of my ref pics to show the look i am trying to get. maybe I am mixing too many different ref materials together and that is getting things out of whack


ok here is some of my ref pics you can see in several the very wide chin and prominent jawline. A couple others you can see how the cheekbones stick out quitye a bit and then is sunken in between the cheeks and the jaw. that was the effect I was going for



Here are some more Ref Images


ok well i totally screwed it up then to top it off I forgot to save an untouched copy in case I did so I spent tonight getting it all together again as it originally was. I also enlarged the model as when measured it it was only 1/2 inch tall lol so I made it 12 inches which would be abt 6th scale.

I also forgot to post originally that it is base 9656 polys and I was able to get 6 subdivisions into it for total of 9,887,744 polys. I am running a 1 1/2 gig video card and 16 gigs of ram in my computer which is set up for doing 3D cad work using Solidworks

Still have to do the polygroup thing with the head yet but taking a break for now to clear my head


well I just spent 3 hrs trying to find ref pics with a front and side view someone even kindly shared a couple pics with me the problem is even by resizing I can get the chin and mouth to line up in the front and side view but the eyes and sometimes the nose is way off

is this common and if so how do you fix it. I am at wits end trying to figure out why nothing lines up even when rescaling


Not having seen what you are actually working off from ( your new references and models), what I say may or may not apply to this particular case. The one thing you should keep in mind when working off photographic references is perspective. You have to account for that.

Particularly when you are working in orthographic viewports. Orthographic viewports flatten perspective completely. This is a state of affairs that doesn’t exist in real life. Even with a very wide angle lens, you will still get some perspective. When you model something off a photograph, you have to compensate for perspective changes, as well as the fact that taking photos of anything from front to side while maintaining the subject’s scale and distance relative to the camera is going to take a very elaborate setup that most people won’t have.

Hope this helps!


yea I do a lot of photography with a cheap $100 camera and I even did selfies (used a timer) of my face front and side and even doing that I got it really close to spot on. but these pics the eyes from the front view compared to the side view are almost an entire eye height off while the chin mouth corner and bottom of nostrils all line up.

maybe I am just being too anal abt my reference but I do cad work and build models for museums military bases airports etc so i have to be anal abt my research to be accurate and exacting. so maybe that’s whats causing me problems now.

btw just did a full sized B-24 plane fuse for Angelina Jolies new movie Unbroken ))


well spent abt 6 hrs tonight going through various threads on various forums by doing searches and found that a lot of ppl were having the same problems with the pics as I was and they told the reasons etc but thats no big deal as long as I know the pics were fubart. so I did some searching and found like 20-30 male and female front and side pics that have been posted all over the web. I found one that comes out pretty dang spot on and I think I will use it and then later can tweak it in my detailing to more suit me.

I drew several lines across to check out the alignment and matching