My First 2D Sketch!


Hi there! normally im always posting in the 3d part of the forum, but i got interested in drawing (as i did when i was a bit younger like 10 years old) i always liked to draw and then shade it. So i decided to buy a Wacom Graphire 4 tablet and right after i got it i started to try out the photoshop tools and just to feel the new feeling of drawing without seeing result on paper.

For me its pretty weird to have you monitor as you paper… Im getting some videotutorials on how the tools work in photoshop in combination with a Wacom tablet. But just as curious as i am i made a very basic test sketch to see how the tablet feels like (becuase its always fun to see you work later on as you grow in knowledge and skill)

So here is my “Sketch”

Ill be trying some other stuff out tonight… because i want to get better ofcourse!

Btw is it possible to create landscapes as they look in Oil paintings (Bob Ross Style)

Greetings Haye Haverbus


If you are serious about this, you may want to get an anatomy book or draw from your own hand. Drawing with a wacom tablet takes some getting used to. Also, it is possible to make your photoshop work look like an oil painting. However, you may want to look at landscape painters like Fredrick Church, Thomas Cole and john Constable. These were true masters. Don’t get me worng, I have a special place in my heart for ole Bob Ross, but he was pitching a technique and people were buying it. It is best to learn from masters.


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