My E-on 2016 Maintenance Contracts are about to Expire. Is e-on a dead company?


So I have a few of e-on’s products (Vue xStream, Carbon Scatter and The Plant Factory) and all of my 2016 maintenance contracts are coming up for renewal. So after the merger with Bentley Systems in September, 2015, e-on as a company really hasn’t done much. Just look at their list of press releases. A big old fat white space next to 2016.

So given that the money I shelled out last year at this time netted me nothing in return in terms of updates, and e-on is really not communicating anything officially, I have to wonder if e-on is a dead company.

Did I miss something? What is the word on the street concerning the future of this company?


P.S. I am almost tempted to create a false bug report…just to prove to myself that there is someone at e-on who is at least providing that level of service with regards to their maintenance plan.


I know they were bought out but really have not heard a lot from them since


This is in the forums at E-ON 10 May is the date:

2016 Product Line release information
Dear Friends,

We’d like to share with you some important information with regards to the upcoming 2016 product releases.

While it is true that the takeover by Bentley Systems has caused some inevitable delays in our schedule, the new versions are now maturing nicely and we want to be sure that everything is fine before releasing.

We are aiming for a launch in the third quarter of 2016.

We are working hard to finalize the 2016 versions of all our products as we are aiming for a quasi-simultaneous release of VUE, PlantFactory and LumenRT, with Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory following shortly after.

We are happy to inform you that VUE and PlantFactory users who had a valid, paid-for maintenance contract on April 1st, 2016 will receive the free upgrade to the corresponding 2016 product, whenever it is released, regardless of whether or not they have renewed their maintenance contract.
Similarly, Carbon Scatter users who had a valid paid-for maintenance contract on October 13, 2015, CloudFactory users who had a valid paid-for maintenance contract on December 2nd, 2015 and LumenRT Studio* users who had a valid paid-for maintenance contract on October 30, 2015 will receive the free upgrade to the corresponding 2016 product.

In the coming days, we will be sending more information together with a maintenance bonus plan by private e-mailings. So stay tuned, and watch your inbox! :wink:


Thank you! Not sure why that information was only released in the forums. Ideally, I would NOT want to pay into another maintenance plan until they release a product and I think e-on should allow me to renew that maintenance plan if the next version is released after it expires.

Some trust has been lost that a release is forthcoming having waited all 2016 with nothing,…so I think that is the least they can do,



Glad to help. It seems there are a number of people in the same opinion if you read the forum entry.


Last but not least, the implicit good news in Bentley’s announcement is that software such as Vue, PlantFactory and Carbon Scatter will not be pushed into rental-only licensing models.