my diploma film


Wow! Definitely an entertaining short. I dont speak Italian, but the message came through quite clear. Other than the fact that the bird was 2D and the rest was 3D, it was perfect.


@jhasse: thanx a lot, really appriciate it!
@Nosh_Dir85:thanx mate!
“Other than the fact that the bird was 2D and the rest was 3D” do you mean you dislike the 2D or 3D? didnt quite get that… :slight_smile: here you can find an english subtitled version.


Very nice. I really liked the mood. It all worked very well together. Character design lighting animation and whatnot. I really like to see when different types of 3D and 2D is combined, and you definately did a good job on that too.

good job!


the characters are stylish and intresting. nice work fella


ha ha …it is so funny…:smiley:

I love the video too…en en …I like the rbackbone of the video…so ****4stars from me…:bounce: :bounce:


Great short :slight_smile: Very imaginative and well animated. Congrats.

I particularly like the 2d bird, i think it was very well integrated with the 3d enviroment.

Good luck. :thumbsup:


hello again!
@aghill & akin & minminxu & shy-guy: thanks a lot all!
well the 2D and 3D animation where combined in the classic way, i’de say.
we made a storyboard, videoboard, animatic, and from there 3D layouts for the 3D and 2D. animated separately from there on.
the compositing had the first step for 3D alone, and a second for 2D-3D, in which there was some shadows to match, colors and some overall effects (not much, just some volumic 2D lights, and so).
it was mostly thought from the begining like palettes and atmospheres so the last part came fluently.


I very much like the 2D combined with 3D. Your story was enjoyable and engaging, great work!


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