my diploma film


[size=2] hy
this is probably the first time i write here in in cgs altho i hope to start doing it frequently.
so… this one of the shorts i graduated with this year:
3d in xsi, textures in photoshop, compositing in afterfx (some fx in combustion)
short’s blog with inspiration sketches and more
[/size][size=2]hope you like it. C&C are welcome


Interesting film, in the mood of Fellini, imho. Like it very mutch. :thumbsup:


thanx a lot pierosmile!
i was really hoping to get some feedback!
hope you guys give me some critics and comments!
thanx in advance.


Pretty interesting & creative. I will mention the bird in the end of the short looked sorta choppy, but other than that, I like it.


Excellent, love the atmosphere. Never saw any choppy bird, was too captivated by the mood and the fantasyworld within the clip.


great work !!:thumbsup:


thanks all!
@kyoshib: thanks a lot, glad you liked it. english is not my first languaje and “choppy” is a first ever for me. it says “rough with small waves” on the dictionary, but i didnt quite understand what you meant.
@unlikelycorny: thanks a lot for the nice comment! we tryied our best to get the atmosphere we wanted, so it’s great that you like it.
@picolo: thanks!


great job! front page quality!


I hope you greadute and take your certificate. Your short film is very succesful and also your story is very entertaiment. Keep contunie doing great things…


oh that was enjoyable! well done. :slight_smile:


Ciao :slight_smile:
I liked it, simple and cute :slight_smile:


hy all!
thanks a lot for the great comments. i really appriciate it! we worked hard, so it’s nice to hear that people like it!


hy all!
great news! page d’ecriture just got published on “no fat clips”.
cool thing is that there is a mpeg4 (with much better res) version with english subtitles.


What’s that No fat clips website? a famous website from italy ? :slight_smile:
I’ll be downloading the one with the subtitles


like the story! nice style! really enjoy watching it!


thank you!
“no fat clips” i farely known forum that i recently discovered to be italian.
by the way, thanks to dekku, blogs web master.


Very nice work guys…
I hope it’ll reach the Front Page one day…
keep on…


Keep doing what you do


@agbarrows: hopefully one day it’ll reach front page… for now we are veery safisfied with the comments and results! thanks again!
@mrpank: hope to be able to do so! thanx mate!


hey man it is really beautiful your animation i really love it.