My Demo Reel


here is my demo reel link

please take a look at it … i want to know if it can be of some value to companies that work in markets abroad specially Australia… and will be thankful if u made any comments or criticism


My first impressions of your reel is that you should trim the start. If you are planning on submitting this to companies, then I think 20secs into the reel is quite a long time before you actually see any work. I would be tempted to remove the George Benard Shaw quote bit and take no more than a few seconds before you actually get to your work.
Also it is unclear what your contribution on each piece is, for each piece I would have text in the bottom corner saying exactly what you did, and if everything is done by you say so. If any of the work is production work for a company mention that as well.
It would also be good to show wireframes and uv layouts of your models, as these demonstrate your technical abilities to potential employers.

Good luck


Please stop spamming your reel all over the site. One more time and you’re going to get banned.