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Well, it has been a while since I have posted here… I think four or five years. Hmm. Well, I want to put lots of my characters on here, but right now I am in a modeling class at school and would like to show you the character that I am currently working

       I have been working on him for about a month.  I am currently almost finished with the modeling part (and when I say finished I don't really mean it, I mean for the class, everything that I want to do :)  I rarely am finished with a character...)  Once I am done with that, I need to start UVing and texturing because that part is due soon.  Anyways, I really hope that you like him.  

Some images migh take a while to load... even though they don't reach 100k, lol.


It appears my images were not working… they are fixed now, hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats !
This model needs more recognition, ill guess it slipped by the radar with broken links.
Well heres to bringing it back up to the top!

Great Work!


Well, I have finished the modeling (at least for this project). I dont’ wanna touch this model anymore today (unless I see something that doesn’t go or that isn’t right). I worked on my guy’s shirt, he has a buckle now, his pants are touched up and everything has depth to it. He’s also got eyes now instead of nurbs circles. Look at the pics and tell me what you think (if you think it is good and why or why not :P)



Hmm, well, I am going to start UVing now… I dunno how long it is going to take me, but my character is basically done. I am probably going to make my character’s eyes look like a goat’s eyes (you ever seen 'em? They look so strange!), I am probably going to have two things of cloth hanging down his chest armor with his insignia on him. So for now, I wanted to show you a couple of renders of a character that I made for my first modeling class. Please note that he is not textured (unless you count procedurals, I count them as being lazy and having no time to texture). Oh, and he is not rigged :smiley: I just moved his arms down so he could be ‘posing’.

 [b]Does anyone have any ideas for my goat/cat/thing model [/b](not this indian model that I just showed you)[b]?  I'd LOVE to hear them. 


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Sorry for not noticing your post! It was so small!! Thanks for supporting my thread! I fixed the broken lnks, btw.


Amazing Job Reynaldo, I hope more people get to see this model. It is definately one of your best and cleaner models. :thumbsup:


Here’s a pretty picture of my character that I made last semester in my first modeling class (he is very happy :P)

Thanks, Jorge. Hmm, I have a QUESTION for y’all (yes, I said y’all :)). Should I make eyebrows for my cat/goat/guy? Here’s his face again, just in case you forgot :wise:.


he has such large skeletal brows already what would be the function of a few pieces of hair :slight_smile: plus being of animal heritage last time i looked at my cat i dont think it has eyebrows


Well, you are probably right about the eyebrow thing. He does look like a cat and ideally I would like to use either texture or dyanmic fur to make him look like he has hair (though I don’t want to deal with the fur thing). I dunno, still thinking about it.


…wonder why no on answers my very frew questions… anyways, still uving…


Hi, Just dropped in this morning and saw lots of pictures… but I hadn’t time to actually look at all of them… now i return and see they are all large and big and easy to see :thumbsup:

But on your question… The character seemed immediately like the beast from disneys beauty and the beast… and since you quote disney in your signature I guess that was also a big influence. So I would suggest to either look what they have done and apply that


to make some of those big cat eyebrows… that are not really visible but very long and thin, like their whiskers… I believe you can also find some good descriptions in the wheel of time series of novels for these kind of creatures.

And also… I nearly read over your question since it was in between of all those nice images :slight_smile:

Good Luck!


matsman, thanks so much for actually replying to something I said :smiley: Seriously, though, good suggestions about the cat eyebrow thing. I actually wasn’t thinking about beauty and the beast when making this character, but as you said, Disney has been a big influence on me, so that is a possibility. I will do research on cats and stuff and see if I can do anything, but I gots to get back to UVing. Thanks a bunch!


K, this is what I have of my UV done so far.

I was wondering what all y’all thought about it. I am not happy with certian parts of the cape, but you guys be the judge. If you need bigger renders, I can do that also, but you gots to tell me. Thanks in advance.


Well, I been working a bit more on the UVing. I Uved the arms and the legs. Tell me what you think. I noticed a really stretched part on his armor near the right side of his head. Tell me what ya’ll think. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi… Looks you are getting along nicely!

you definitaly need to fix some of the stretching on the armor you pointed out in your last post… I think the cape could do alright the way it is now… but maybe you just want to trow a quick texture on it to see if the stretching is very noticeable and unnatural.

No new crits from me… and still very cool armor! Could ou mabe show some of your UV technique for Uving those spiral armguards?


Hmm, you are right about the cape: I should put a picture on there or something to see how bad it stretches. You mentioned my armguards? I started with just a cylindrical projection (not as easy as it sounds because I modeled the armguards on his body as well as the leg guards). I put the seam down the arm (not on the top, but on the bottom of the arm, palm down). I cut seams around the UV to separate the inside from the outside and I unfolded the UVs to make them more orderly. Here’s a picture.


the first time i see this i think the shirt/armor is the muscle…but i think it’s cming, it’ll change when you texture. good luck.


hey Good work on UVs! I dont see nothing OBVIOUSLY wrong, but got lots more to go.hmmm lets see…ill keep looking and let u know if I see anything really wrong…so far very nice unwrap job. :buttrock: