My Character Animation Demo Reel!


Hello folks! html (5 MB)

OR (5 MB)

here is the link of my character animation demo reel. Personally i would like to say thanks my sir Dwarkanath (DJ) who helped me a lot beyond my expectation, without his efforts and Co-operation i wouldn’t have learnt Animation. And now i m feeling my journey has started and there is a lot more i need to learn hope i keep learning throughout my lifetime and try to do better and better animation. Thank you guys!

Please have a look and give me your Critiques.

God bless you and keep animating.


hey guys, i do accept my work is not good as u guys do but please give me ur critiques. awaiting for them. god bless you and keep animating.


What bothered me is that you hold last frame of nearly every animation for too long, so your characters are still for half a second - it disrupts the pace.
I also didnt really like the fruity walkcycle of an orange guy in a mask - it feels stiff, I’d like to see it a lot more fluid and smooth.


start with something to grab the viewer’s attention. you have 10 seconds of opening titles. save them for the end, or at least put what you think is your strongest piece first to make the viewer want to watch the rest. and the dude with the shovel, but an object in the scene that he’s scooping; I think that’d help (but that’s just my opinion).


Hey man, it looks really good, really like the weight feeling in the guy with the shovel. I would drop all the animations of the ball with one leg, they arent as good as the other ones in your reel. I would rework also the orange guy, but i think he has some funny poses, so you are in a good start. Keep it up


I watched it and I liked it!
Really good and dynamic
moovements… Good sense
of motion! Keep it up!


Thank you guys! i’ve noted all the points and i’ll do some serious brainstorming on it and make the according changes. thank you very much!

god bless you and keep animating.


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